Guest Writer Track Review: ACTORS: Love U More

‘Connective lyricism, shiny synth motifs and era-centric effects make it an electro-pop delight.’ 

Track Review
After spending time touring their 2018 debut album ‘It Will Come To You’ over the past two years, Vancouver based ACTORS are back with their latest musical adventure ‘Love U More’. Comprised of Jason Corbett (vocals/guitar), Shannon Hemmett (vocals/synth), Kendall Wooding (vocals/bass) and Adam Fink (drums) the four piece bring a somewhat industrial and most definitely 80’s influenced sound. Equally, in proving they can take these areas of inspiration and make them feel innovative, no matter what decade we venture into their tracks will stand the test of time.

First coming to light while on the road, ‘Love U More’ has a powerful, ever-relevant message behind it, but one that feels especially poignant in current times. Embracing the bittersweet moments of loss while anticipating new beginnings, there is much connection to be had with the lyricism. Underneath this though, there is an instrumental bed of shiny influence-centred synth motifs and era-centric effects that ensure an energetic, yet refined fusion of electro-pop and the bands artistic vision occurs.

Haunting and expressive, ‘Love U More’ is a track that feels original and cinematic. Like something you would hear accompanying a steamy scene or perhaps a race between two rival racing drivers. It builds in momentum, keeps your attention and drives through avenues of colour. With it truly glistening of where their musical future is heading, and the quartet having spent the lockdown period finishing their upcoming record, I for one, will be waiting in anticipation for more new music from ACTORS soon.

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