The Daily Discoveries Playlist: Additions June 1st – 7th June 2023

‘New music that’s just as good for you as your 5-a-day, every day.’

Each day over on Spotify, Listen to Discover’s ‘The Daily Discoveries Playlist’ gets updated with at least one new release giving you something different to experience every day. Consider it your daily auditory based intake of feel good music, transportive tracks, and mesmerising new artists. Rounded up every 7 days if you’ve missed any additions you can catch up here, as well as discover what’s been added to the playlist so far in 2023.

Artist: Release
Balancing Act: Rabbit Hole
Clare Siobhan: Flare
LYR: The Song Thrush & The Mountain Ash
Noak Hellsing: When The Shadows Go Home
The Weather Holds: Plant Seeds In The In
Zeeba: Hope
Eli & Fur: Last Train
Blair Davie: Lovely
Alfie Indra: Monday Again
Lanterns on the Lake: Rich Girls
La Faute: Sorry I Can’t Stay
Jane’s Party: Ships On An Ocean
Hugh Sheehan: The Right Kind Of Tears
Fred Abott: What Kind Of Trouble
Silk Cinema: So Serious
Erin K: Goodbye Song
Fayye: Different Today
Lois: Running
Amaara: New Love’s Mortal Coil
Bertie Newman: Home
Thit Lin: Flipside
EEE GEE: Ghost House
Paul Rey: Shine
Bar Pandora: Ultramess
Jenny Kern: Move On
Hey Major: You’re So Cold (I’m On Fire)
Wiktoria: Walk Away

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