The Daily Discoveries Playlist: Additions 19th – 25th April 2023

‘New music that’s just as good for you as your 5-a-day, every day.’

Each day over on Spotify, Listen to Discover’s ‘The Daily Discoveries Playlist’ gets updated with at least one new release giving you something different to experience every day. Consider it your daily auditory based intake of feel good music, transportive tracks, and mesmerising new artists. Rounded up every 7 days if you’ve missed any additions you can catch up here, as well as discover what’s been added to the playlist so far in 2023.

Artist: Release
Good Dear Good: Coffee and Sunshine
Burr Island: Distant Stars
Eli & Fur: Talk To Me
The Deep Blue: How About It?
Sandra-Mae Lux: The Last Time
Firewoodisland: Looking For Love
Victoria Staff: Olive and Ruby
Skeleten: Sharing The Fire
Benjamin Gustaffson: Sleeping?
Madeleine: In My Garden
Alice Auer: Baby, Cry
Peach Luffe: Venus
Vilma Flood: Crowded Garden
Set Mo: All I Need
Arliston: Pisco Sours
Breandán Fitzpatrick: Sweet Return
Mar Omin: When I’m Gone
Nathan Ball: Just A Man
Satin Jackets & Tailor: Somewhere In Paradise

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