Guest Writer Track Review: Cujo Moon: Watch You Shine

‘Comforting and cathartic, it’s nothing short of exceptional.’

Intro to Cujo Moon
During the past year or so, Nashville, Tennessee based singer-songwriter Cujo Moon (Trevor Willmott) has been finding his voice and establishing himself as an artist to be on your radar. Never does his music hit you at force, but instead gently pours into your ears and generates an instant connection. Collecting recent tracks and new material together in 5-track EP ‘Bridges II’ (out 25th March), the more atmospherically tinted sounds experienced on ‘Bridges I’ are replaced by tracks of a heavenly acoustically, truly introspective nature. To be fair, even when you reach the final track ‘Mirror Image’, and the textural influences return, the beauty of the musicality remains incredibly clear. However, if you want one track to highlight this, opener ‘Watch You Shine’ really is the one to choose.

Track Review
From the first moment ‘Watch You Shine’ hits you, a well of emotions come flooding straight to your core. Unable to take in all the lyrics, it is hard not to be swept away by the pure heart of this beautifully melancholy song. With those previous tracks tinted in delicate atmospherics, the sonically sparse approach here generates a far more raw and poignant vibe that is perfectly suited for the meaning within.

Utilising the more stripped back tone was to me what made the lyrics within the song far more impactful. Throughout, the sound elevated the emotional influence the song had over me. That being said, the vocal phrases that struck a chord with me the most were ‘There is nothing we can say, to bring back the time, All those lonely days All those lonely nights?’.

In many ways the past 12 months have caused me to have too many lonely days and lonely nights. In turn, this has led to me reflecting on many past relationships, actions that I have taken, and how they are things are no longer as they were. You would think that this would make the days and nights appear even more lonely. However, the contrary was the case as it made me realise that there are many people going through similar emotions to me. So, in many ways, like this release you find a sense of connection within your own solitude.

Much like the quant artistry of the video that accompanies ‘Watch You Shine’, where repetitive shapes and colours generate a visually calming and hypnotic sensation, the genteel nature of the track itself achieves likewise. The delicate strums and soft drama comfort. The cathartic melody soothes and heals. And together, the combination is nothing short of exceptional beauty. An emotionally understated listening experience, it shakes you to your core. 

Feature by Alice Peoples

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