The Daily Discoveries Playlist: Additions 12th – 18th April 2023

‘New music that’s just as good for you as your 5-a-day, every day.’

Each day over on Spotify, Listen to Discover’s ‘The Daily Discoveries Playlist’ gets updated with at least one new release giving you something different to experience every day. Consider it your daily auditory based intake of feel good music, transportive tracks, and mesmerising new artists. Rounded up every 7 days if you’ve missed any additions you can catch up here, as well as discover what’s been added to the playlist so far in 2023.

Artist: Release
The Covasettes: Duvet Thief
Charles: Forever & A Day
Kylo: Rerun
Gustaph: Because of You
Michael Baker: Cave of Memory
Charlotte Cornfield: Cut and Dry
Patrick Martin: Dandelion Eyes
John Newman: Hold On to My Love
Soft Loft: Is It Me
Fybe:One & Georgia Blackwell: You Go Down Smooth
Temples: Oval Stones & Meet Your Maker
Puma June: Glass Curtain
Fractures: Last
Rebecca Lappa: Lolita
Alison Goldfrapp: NeverStop
Josienne Clarke: Only Me Only & Anyone But Me
M.Byrd: Only A Feeling
Ferna: Open Up
Emelia Saurez: Where We Left Off
Fenne Lily: Henry & Pick
Jesa: Five Little Birds
Cannons: Loving You
Ella Ronen: The Girl With No Skin
Amilost: Good Morning
Immy: Sweet Nivarna