‘Detail and connection is key to what Listen to Discover does.’

About Listen to Discover
As the name and tagline suggests, Listen to Discover is all about the exploration of new and emerging artists. It’s about finding those artists who are working hard to break into the industry. It’s about getting more people, discovering and listening to them. It’s about – if you pardon the pun – making sure they are heard. However, there are two key differences which set Listen to Discover apart: Detail and connection.

While there are many sites out there that do a fantastic job of creating snap-shot style content, you won’t find that here. Instead, what you will find are in-depth knowledge-drawing reviews which will inform you not only why you should listen to a track, but why it really works. Insightful interviews that are specially tailored to give the artist a real opportunity to open up about process, influences and how they have got to where they are now. Specially curated weekly playlists highlighting as much new music as possible, and live music coverage that helps to re-live the gig.

While the tagline details the types of features offered, even with the introduction of the Listen to Discover Packages, coverage will still only be offered to those artists who it feels a connection with. At times it may be the sheer musicality. At times it may be the story behind a track or what has inspired the artist. Regardless, it will be the kind of connection that happens automatically and as a result of sticking to this, only positive promotion is achieved.

David Croker
Founder of Listen to Discover

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