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About Listen to Discover and its founder.
Having started playing the clarinet at an early age, I had little idea of how music would structure the rest of my life. In school, it was something I thoroughly enjoyed and got excited about but it was only when I gained an A* in GCSE that I thought ‘Maybe I’m actually quite good at this?’

Even as my education progressed, I didn’t really know the true impact it would have until I went to university and achieved my B.A in Music. While there, I pushed my skills beyond where I thought possible and through becoming a multi-instrumentalist, composer, conductor and musical director, I found my real passion for music.

Since then, I have continued to work in these areas, as well as secondary school music teaching, music photography and music journalism. Throughout all of this, I have discovered more musicians than I could have ever imagined, and heard and performed more music than I would have ever thought existed. Finding a way to combine it all was a must and in February 2017 I launched Listen to Discover.

As the name and tagline suggests, Listen to Discover is all about the exploration of new and emerging artists. It’s about finding those artists who are working hard to break into the industry. It’s about getting more people, like you, discovering and listening to them. It’s about – if you pardon the pun – making sure they are heard. However, there are two key differences: Detail and connection.

While there are many sites out there that do a fantastic job of creating snap-shot style content, you won’t find that here. Instead, what you will find are in-depth knowledge-drawing reviews which will inform you not only why you should listen to a track, but why it really works. Likewise interviews will always aim to be insightful and give the artist a real opportunity to open up. So what about the connection?

In keeping with the tagline, when features are requested, Listen to Discover only reviews tracks by or offers interviews or gig coverage to those who it feels a connection with. At times it may be the sheer musicality. At times it may be the story behind a track or what has inspired the artist. Regardless it will be the kind of connection that happens automatically and as a result of sticking to this, only positive promotion is achieved.

David Croker
Founder of Listen to Discover

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