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About Listen to Discover
As the name and tagline suggests, Listen to Discover is all about providing music coverage in a way that truly explores new artists and new music in a deep, and meaningful way. It’s about finding those artists who are working hard to break into the industry. It’s about getting more people, discovering and listening to them. It’s about – if you pardon the pun – making sure they are heard. However, that focus on coverage being specialised, dedicated, and detailed, as well as us being incredibly selective over who we work with, is what sets Listen to Discover apart.

Many music sites out there do a fantastic job of creating shorter form content, written sound bites if you will, but you won’t find that approach here. Instead, what you will find are in-depth knowledge-drawing music reviews that delve into not just why you should listen to a track, but why it really works, and why it’s connected with our reviewers. Equally, our interviews with new artists provide a real opportunity for them to open up about songwriting processes, musical influences, how they have got to where they are now, and everything else in between. Additionally, our combined music video features, don’t just showcase the visuals to a release, but explore them through discussion with the artist and director, providing further insight and inspiration.

So if you are a new artist looking for specialised, dedicated, and detailed music coverage for your forthcoming release, please get in touch by simply clicking the request coverage link. And, if you are wanting to know more about how Listen to Discover can help promote your music, take a look at our PR Services here.

Before getting in touch about being featured, please read our Request Coverage requirements here.

David Croker
Founder & Lead Writer, Listen to Discover

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