Guest Writer Track Review: Modern Guilt: Hoping For The Hoping

‘Ripe with classic rock energy and foot-stomping swagger, it’s the boost you need right now.’

Intro to Modern Guilt:
Following their triumphant first live performance before the UK Lockdown was enforced, London band Modern Guilt today (25th September 2020) release their debut single ‘Hoping For The Hoping’. Drawing inspiration from Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues and Garage Rock – Modern Guilt formed in 2019, with Jaz (vocals/guitar), Andreas Podda (lead guitar) and Scott Thomson (drums) establishing the band’s writing and instrumentation through demo-ing from their home studio, before recruiting the talents of Glyn Evans (keys/organs) and Dan Williams (bass).

Track Review:
Although their first gig at O2 Academy Islington ended as lockdown began, Modern Guilt haven’t let this dampen their spirits as in bringing the fire of a live gig straight through to our speakers, we feel like we’re still there. Ripe with classic rock energy that swaggers through every melody and gritty grumble of electricity with confidence and ease, ‘Hoping For The Hoping’ is exactly what you need right now.

Chartered by this old-school authenticity, Modern Guilt hit home, springboarding off the deep-set drum beat and rocking crack of vocals to create a real foot-stomper of a single. Jumping from strength to strength, ‘Hoping For The Hoping’ is filled with electric slides and guttural bass notes that give the guitar-driven track its own specially crafted twang of feel-good vibes.

Set alight by the incredibly addictive chorus, we are constantly and consistently taken down a path of catchy hooks, raucous riffs and modern-jagger-esque melodies to create an aura that can be described in only one way: swaggering attitude that delivers a real confidence-boost! As first outings go, it’s hard to believe this is their debut release as in managing their sound so brilliantly, they have delivered a seriously strong track that requires you to listen to it right now. 

You can also check out the accompanying, appropriately Jagger-esque style video, (shot by Carl Fox and staring Blue Ekhaletruo) below. Warning: contains flashing images.

Full feature by Harriet Heywood

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