Request Coverage

Firstly, thank you for not only visiting Listen to Discover, but wanting to be featured on our site. We really do appreciate you taking the time to choose us to support your music, especially as we do things a little different here. As you will probably be aware, rather than featuring as many artists as possible, every artist that we provide coverage of has been specifically chosen from the 100’s of emails received. Yes that unfortunately means many are not featured, however, it also means that those who are, receive the specialised, dedicated, and detailed approach that lies at the heart of what we do.

So before getting in touch, please take a read of the information below. 

Additional Information:
Tracks that are dance/grime/hip-hop/rap/guitar-centric are rarely featured.
When contacting, please include your release date in the email subject line.
Please put either ‘Hi David’, ‘Hi Listen to Discover’, or something similar at the start of the email.
Please provide a brief background about yourself, the release, a streaming link, and your track artwork.
Please make it clear which feature/s you are contacting about. For reference the range available is: music reviews, interviews and weekly track shares in #NewMusicMonday (formerly #FridayFinds.)
If your release day has already happened, the track/EP/album will be considered in the same way as other submissions.
There is no charge for reviews or artist interviews.
A large number of requests enter the inbox per day (40+) so please wait at least 4 days (5 days if sent on a Friday) before getting back in touch.

Thank you for taking the time to read about how to send your coverage requests and to get in touch please email: