Request Coverage

Request Coverage

Please note that as of 12th August we are only able to provide coverage via #FridayFinds. This will be updated at a later date, once we are in a position to offer interviews and music reviews. Thank you.

Firstly, thank you for not only visiting Listen to Discover, but wanting to be featured on our site. We really do appreciate you taking the time to choose us to support your music, especially as we do things a little different here. As you will probably be aware, rather than featuring as many artists as possible, every artist that we provide coverage of has been specifically chosen from the 100’s of emails we receive. Yes that unfortunately means many are not featured, however, it also means that those who are, receive the specialised, dedicated, and detailed approach that lies at the heart of what we do.

So before getting in touch with us, please take a read of the information below. 

Tips ahead of sending:

  1. Please take a proper look at the site before getting in touch to get a feel for the genres covered. We do have a very open mind, however, we rarely cover tracks that are dance/grime/hip-hop/rap based, and won’t feature tracks that contain frequent profanity/controversial topics.
  2. When contacting, please include your release date in the email subject. We may not be able to respond for a few days, so this will help us with initial communications.
  3. At the start of your email, please put either ‘Hi David’, ‘Hi Listen to Discover’, or something similar.
  4. If you are adapting an email that you sent elsewhere, please ensure you change the site name. You would be surprised how many emails we get with the wrong one in them.
  5. At the very least, please provide us with a brief background to yourself, the release, a streaming link, and your track artwork. These are essential for us to confirm coverage.
  6. Please make it clear which feature/s you are contacting us about. For reference we do: music reviews, interviews, music video features, and weekly track shares in our #FridayFinds.

Additional Information:

  1. If you are wanting coverage to go live on the day of release/as close to as possible, please send your submission a minimum of 2/3 weeks beforehand. If you send sooner, that’s even better!
  2. Premiere opportunities are very much welcomed, but, please aim to give us as much notice as possible when offering us this.
  3. If your release day has already happened, we will consider whether the release is suitable for coverage in the same way as other submissions.
  4. While there is a (small) team behind Listen to Discover, all features are created by either myself (David Croker), or one of my writers on a voluntary basis.
  5. We really would love to feature every suitable artist on Listen to Discover, however, with us getting a large number of requests per day (40+), this is simply impossible.
  6. Wherever possible, we will notify you as to whether we can provide coverage or not. If we say no, please respect that decision and try not to take it as a reflection on what you have created. There will be a site for your release, it just isn’t Listen to Discover.
  7. Finally, please be aware that everyone involved with Listen to Discover is either in full-time education or employment, so please wait at least 4 days (5 days if sent on a Friday) before getting back in touch. That said, we will always aim to get back to you sooner.

Thank you for taking the time to read about how we accept coverage requests, and we look forward to featuring your music soon.

To get in touch about coverage for your release, please email us on:
To discuss how we can help promote your release, please visit our PR Services page.

Want to know more about how to improve your chances of getting coverage on not just Listen to Discover, but other music sites too? If so, sign up for our free downloadable PDF: Securing Coverage: A Guide for Independent Artists.

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