Track Review: Superbird: Super Superior

‘Filled with fabulously funky rhythms and shamelessly sensational vocals, it completely lives up to the name.’

Re-intro to Superbird
Back at the start of 2019 I introduced you to Superbird.
A fabulously funky trio fronted by Joe Fin. Instantly delivery an inimitable sound, ‘Cola Bottle Fizz’ served up lashings of appropriately bubbly musicality and with fans aplenty, including Sara Cox, that very track became the title music for her weekend TV chat show! It really was quite the opener. If you’ve heard their other tracks you’ll of course know that each new release is even stronger than the one before. And, if you’ve seen them live you’ll know that their performances are just as colourful as the music itself. If you haven’t experienced either though, today’s superb release and their appearance on that very TV show this Saturday makes now the perfect time to.

Track Review
Greeting us with an ever-growing combination of palm-muted chords, polyrhythmic electro-percussion, busy basslines and distorted guitar licks, it immediately seems that Superbird’s latest track will live up to the name. Of course, as we have come to expect from their music, there is more than a sufficient helping of musical cheekiness. And that’s before we’ve even heard Joe’s vocals. We are about to though and delivering the title centred, anthemically funky chorus for the first time, we latch onto the infectious sound instantly.

Bringing change within the verse, both the vocal and the instrumental content alters dramatically. Becoming ‘sparser’ but in no ways actually sparse, the backing forms a sound that is just as infectious as before but less powerful. However, containing picked bass, harmonically ringing guitars, dancing synths and off-beat high-hat – to name just four elements – the musical power is very much there. Add to this the fact that Joe’s trademark vocals are fully centre stage – and literally speak for themselves – and you realise the track couldn’t be by anyone else. However, in case we were unsure further proof is on the way.

Seamlessly blending what has just been with the resurging chorus that is soon to arrive, Joe’s solo vocals are joined by harmonic ones. Pushing his vocal range to the limit, the line of ‘I’ll reach for the sun and soar through the sky’ is set in a shamelessly sensational way. Causing an involuntary reaction, we too grow with the sound meaning that we shout the title lyrics that follow from the rooftops. And, having cast all inhibitions aside, we join in with the cheese-dripping hand claps as well!

Returning to the contrasting nature of the verses, the second provides appropriately breathe-catching musicality. However, like before there is an incredible amount to enjoy – not least the lyricism. Delivering phrases such as ‘Destiny is calling’, ‘Those youthful dreams grew up esteemed’ and ‘This crowd’s my team let me hear you scream’ you have to wonder if these lyrics are nods to the members themselves. Was it always their dream to create funky, cheek-filled, crowd-pleasing tracks? If not, it would certainly seem they were destined to. 

Changing musical direction for a few moments – following a further chorus where the bass line proves to be even more peacock-strut-inducing – an instrumental interlude occurs. Turning to electric guitar for the provision of melodic content, the sound sweeps, soars and takes us to a stripped back setting of those earlier range-pushing vocals. This time though, they really do push making us realise that what we heard before was nothing.

Decorating the word ‘sky’ with falsetto filled melisma, they literally go sky high. Impressive doesn’t cover it. But with a final rendition of the chorus about to arrive, the impressiveness is about to become truly insane. Quite honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard two words set in so many different ways and in such a short space of time. However, thanks to a multitude of colourfully-funky instrumental lines and frontman Joe giving us cheeky whispers, ridiculous portamento and full-on powerhouse vocals, I now have. A super track? Yes. A superior one? You bet it is!

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