Track Review: Superbird: Cola Bottle Fizz

‘A funk-infused sugar-rush that’s sweeter than caramel, cola and whipped cream combined!’

Intro to Superbird:
A little over a year ago I introduced you the artist that is Joe Fin. A guitarist, vocalist and frontman who through his live performances and tracks such as ‘Love Sick’ showcased incredible stage-presence and gave us off-the-scale creative musicality. Fast forward to now and, after a somewhat quieter 2018, he has returned with his pop-funk trio Superbird.’ Sure to make a huge impact and already having not one but two airings on primetime morning TV this week, ‘Cola Bottle Fizz’ (out now) serves up an addictive sugar-rush of sound and sends trademark musicality sky high.

Track Review:
Without so much as a split second to settle in, the full-on funk sound that is ‘Cola Bottle Fizz’ breaks the silence prior to pressing play. Want 80’s style guitar lines and colourful dance-inducing riffs? You’re served them in abundance. Even before the unmistakable sound of Joe’s vocal enters, it’s a sound that’s as tasty as hell and downing the first of many musical sugar rushes, you immediately want another.

Transitioning to the first verse, the powerhouse sound of the opening reduces slightly. Although, as you will know from when I reviewed Joe’s EP back in 2017, what’s stripped back for Joe wouldn’t be for many other artists. Allowing his inflection-filled, tonally transitioning vocals to come through, our focus is taken to the lyricism. Featuring a generous helping of tone setting phrases such as ‘Sweets, you’re bad for me but I want a taste’ a sense of naughty indulgence comes to the fore. Completely reflecting the fact that they know we will want another taste of their music, you can’t help but grin.

Having moved through the more ‘chilled’ verse we get hit by the wall of sound that is the chorus. Anthemically funk-filled, the smorgasbord of infectious riffs encourage us to turn up the volume to 11 and create our own dance floor. Add to this the sugar-filled lyricism and the at times unsettling inflection on sweet like caramel’ and it’s a sound that hard to resist. Honestly, if you don’t get the urge to join in, try anyway and tell me I’m wrong!

Ensuring that the momentum is never lost, even as we return to the more stripped back sound of the verses, interlocking lines this time round keep us on the dance floor we’ve just created. Built on a series of ever-developing instrumental melodies, the groove keeps going. Meanwhile an infusion of portamento bass lines, smile-inducing vocal harmonies and synchronised rhythms keep us firmly in the funk-house.

Following a re-run of the chorus, the high octane musicality shifts to reveal a breakdown style extended bridge. Beginning with the rhythmic quoting of chords from MJ’s ‘Black or White’ and mixed with a dash of Prince style textures, it shamelessly nods to the influences that have always seeped out of Joe’s musicality. However, while the sound here is completely intoxicating, it’s about to get even better.

Making way for the full emergence of a drum led, improvisatory injected sound, you can just picture the whole house rocking from its foundations. Full of anticipation, it continually makes you want to sip the fizz-popping explosions of sound. However, in showcasing what is sure to be a running theme in their tracks, Superbird serve up a huge musical tease.

Cheekily instructing us to Wait!’ the sensation generated within the crowd-involving musicality of the bridge gets interrupted by a final verse. This though, serves as the perfect chance for us to catch our breath before heading for the final funk-infused sugar rush. Trust me, you’ll be craving more straightaway.

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