Guest Writer Track Review: Chloe Mogg: Attack

‘It’s an honest, brave and attention-holding musical statement.’ 

Intro to Chloe Mogg
Chloe Mogg is a young singer-songwriter whose vibrant and unusual aesthetic is captured in a coalition of musical themes. Manifesting within her current discography, which although currently limited has the potential to grow into something quite unique, she delivers her most personal track to date. Released 27th November, ‘Attack’ provides a personal perspective on an anxiety attack, and sees Chloe depict the times she has unfortunately felt it a necessity ‘to apologise for (her) mental and (her) disabilities’. Already opening up about how these impact her via an interview w
ith BBC News in October, and newly launched YouTube series ‘Just Checkin’ In’, this new release as places us directly in her shoes and her own experiences while providing us with musical undulation that captures the essence of one of her own inspirations, Jeff Buckley.

Track Review
At more than four minutes, ‘Attack’ feels momentous in comparison to pop songs that flood the charts at an ever-familiar duration of around 3:30mins; yet you feel that any less would be a disappointment. Demanding that you stay and listen as she makes a brave statement, the immediate grandeur holds your attention effortlessly right from the word go. Opening with an ostinato-centred acoustic guitar line that drives the piece forward, the sense of anxiety and the unavoidable nature of the ‘Attack’ is wonderfully generated. Working in likewise manner, Chloe’s breathy voice, which carries swathes of impressive falsetto, captures the apologetic narrative of the piece with real honesty.

Weaving in and out as we progress through the track, drums and crescendos incessantly build only to leave the vocals in insolation. Retaining this approach until they finally reach a climax in the latter parts of the track, the unpredictable peaks and troughs felt in a personal mental health battle are beautifully emulated. Shining with equal brightness though is the application of strophic structure. Allowing the development of musical content throughout, the song offers up clear evidence of interesting ideas that carry with them real potential. Equally, highlighting her understanding of songwriting, the constant pulling of the dynamics creates anticipation and keeps us on edge ahead of the pinnacle moment of ‘Attack’.

Although Chloe Mogg is only young, it is clear that there is potential for some clever and nuanced writing, a style that will only allow her pieces to be more appreciated. The real strength though is how with each repeated play you are pulled further and further into the carefully crafted, intertwining layers of musicality. And let’s face it, if you can listen to a track multiple times and still hear something new, more than you could wish for has been achieved. I look forward to hearing more of Chloe Mogg’s music soon and seeing how she continues to grow as an artist.

Guest Writer Feature by Tiegan Wright
Track Artwork by Red Images Photography

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