Track Review: Lu Wright: Lovely ft. Civil

‘Shimmering with soul and sun-soaked instrumentals, it helps you find your happy place.’

Intro to Lu Wright
Growing up surrounded by music, it’s no surprise that singer-songwriter Lu Wright’s influences are vast. Citing inspiration from Nina Simone to Rihanna and Amy Winehouse, her musical melting pot style has something for everyone. Latest tune ‘Lovely’ explores reflecting on tougher times, and the sheer gratitude that follows the realisation that better times have arrived. Despite the poignant subject matter, Lu and collaborator rapper Civil infuse the song with sunshine, creating a carefree and content atmosphere. ‘Lovely’ follows on from Lu’s tracks ‘British Daisy’ and ‘What I Like’, serving as another exciting sneak peek into her upcoming debut EP, ‘Notes To Self’. Read more at: Behind the Music: Interview with Lu Wright

Track Review 
Drawing emphasis to the carefree feelings that come with being truly satisfied, ‘Lovely’ opens with a dreamy drum beat and scatting before leaping straight into a lullaby-esque chorus. Shimmering with sun-soaked soul and RnB instrumentals, Lu explores how past experiences can enable us to find our own happy places. 

Collaborating with rapper and beatmaker Civil, Lu leads the song through delivery and pace changes, while keeping the listener alert, yet relaxed via reverie-inducing instrumentals. Providing further contrast, the uplifting chorus is held together with a chunky funky bass line which melts away to a chiller beat during the retrospective verses. Sounding as it does, it’s easy to imagine listening to the track while gazing at a sunset, drink in hand, and a smile appearing on your lips. 

Gently flowing between the swaying repetitive chorus and the stripped back verses accompanied by the airy guitar, the listeners are able to really focus on the lyricism. Lu and Civil effortlessly combine their buttery vocals with resonating messages. In particular, Civil’s rapped bridge delves into reminiscing on youth, and the important lessons which come along with growing up. The lyric “you can’t complete the journey if you want to just skip parts” bringing together this light and dark narrative beautifully. ‘Lovely’ is a track that smoothly shines attention on the importance of viewing highs and lows with perspective, and after all is said and done, it’s only through experiencing both can we find that happy, lovely, medium. 

Feature by Ella McLaren

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