Guest Writer Track Review: Speaker Face: Call Me Out

‘Intimate and reassuring, it’s a soundscape that both transports and comforts you.’

Track Review
Taken from their self-produced cross-genre album ‘Crescent’ (released 9th October), experimental electronic band Speaker Face wonderfully showcase their blending of nature sounds and technology. Creating a soundscape described as somewhere in between electronic, folk and even singer-songwriter elements, featured track ‘Call Me Out’ sits just beyond the halfway point of the album and comes in a time where we need comfort. 

About patience and providing space for others to work through their feelings, ‘Call Me Out’ soars through jagged beats with desirable vocal harmonies. A soundscape that dives through realms of hazy textures and soft chord progressions, the captivating groove that hides underneath the arrangement is spine-tingling. However, while the same sort of arrangement continues throughout the piece, the track doesn’t feel repetitive in the slightest. Instead, it somehow reinvents itself as each bar goes by. 

‘Call Me Out’ feels like something you’d hear on a meditation playlist or even something to stick on when doing your favourite yoga routine. A sense of time, space and a moment away from your woes. Intimate and reassuring listeners with compassion and support, it transports fans through elements of both forgiveness and acceptance. Equally in ‘Call Me Out’ being a magical track from beginning to end, it sits perfectly among the rest of ‘Crescent.’ Above all this though, it showcases how simplicity can seriously be the hidden key to writing an understated killer track. And with that being the case, Speaker Face feel like one of the most important bands of 2020. 

Feature by Guest Writer Chloe Mogg

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