Track Review: Lo Lauren: Easier

‘Heartbreakingly fluid, and carrying a bittersweet vibrancy, it’s a completely hypnotic track.’  

Intro to Lo Lauren 
She may be relatively new in the game, but BRIT school musical theatre student Lo Lauren can teach us all a few things. Despite starting songwriting at the age of 17, she has already released three singles ‘Just Friends’, ‘Raw’ and now her latest, ‘Easier’. Definitely one to watch, Lo Lauren is incorporating her musical theatre roots and newfound songwriting ability to bring us an exciting burst of alt-pop. Illustrating her own unique sense of synaesthesia, the release is paired with a film directed by Alex Thompson (Liam Gallagher) and Richard Dunton (Rudimental), which beautifully combined colours and emotion which showcasing Lo Lauren’s on-screen skills as an actor. Truly enhancing the story told within each other, ‘Easier’ is both musically, and visually a work of art.

Track Review
Carrying a real sense of depth and meaning, new release Easier is a piece that journeys through the artificial equilibrium of a toxic relationship. It blooms with a bittersweet vibrancy, breathing in every softly sung lyric and harmony to become so emotionally driven, you willingly fall into the sound.
Paired with Lo Lauren’s melodic vocal sensibility, the deep hum of the bass, prominent chord progressions and developing textures generate a sense of mixed emotions. Meanwhile, the lyrics which are fighting to see the toxic reality of a relationship, form greater connection with every phrase.

Explaining the process behind the track, Lo Lauren says, “I wrote Easier on the keyboard in my bedroom during lockdown and it’s a song about the vicious cycle in toxic relationships, realising your worth and how, like an addiction, you keep going back to someone cos you feel so attached to them. Essentially this song highlights that moment where you start to understand that the more you do that, the harder it is to walk away.” 

Simultaneously generating a true atmosphere through both setting and content, this story is told with real honesty. Heartbreakingly fluid, as Lo Lauren’s voice pours through the speakers the sonic glory of it is completely hypnotic. The evident success within the track though – other than the amazing production quality brought about by duo Brave New Audio – is the sensitivity of how the topic is being projected. Making the single all the more appealing, but especially to the many listeners who may have had a similar struggle, ‘Easier’ is an effortlessly relatable, truly emotive track.

Feature by Harriet Heywood

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