Behind the Music: Interview with Rebecca Lappa

‘Because of my musical journey to date, I can confidently step into my new sound knowing it’s where I’m meant to be.’

Ahead of the arrival of her new single, ‘Blue Lips’ – which is out now – I chatted with Rebecca Lappa to discover how her sound has got to where it is now, what her award winning successes have meant for her development as an artist, and what the rest of her 2023 may look like.

Hi Rebecca, thanks for chatting to us. Please introduce yourself to your future fans.
Hi. I am a pop singer songwriter from Alberta Canada

Describe your music in 5 words.
Alternative pop with folk undertones.

What would you cite as your biggest musical/non musical inspirations?
My musical inspirations are Zella Day, Bishop Briggs and Charlotte Cardin.

Who else is involved in your music and what do they bring to the sound?
My producer Louise Burns played bass, synthesizers, provided backing vocals, and programmed and co-wrote one of the songs on my forthcoming EP ‘Tales of Taurus’ which the new single comes from. Both Alex Glassford and Flavio Cirillo played drums, Max Cunningham played guitar, and Chris Perry did the mixing. In the recording process, they brought experience and creativity, and allowed me to explore new ideas. On the live side, we have my cousin Kristian Mortensen who plays drums and additional tracks.

Turning to your forthcoming single, ‘Blue Lips’, where does the title come from and what does the lyricism we hear mean to you?
The phrase blue lips came from kissing in the cold Canadian winter. All of the metaphors about a one sided relationship come from both my experience out in the beautiful frozen Canadian landscape and my past relationships. It’s ultimately about loving the wrong person.

‘The supportive women around me are making my dream of becoming a successful artist come true.’

The blend of vocals and instrumental elements on the track is simply gorgeous. What can you tell us about the process of creating the final atmosphere of the track?
The recording process for ‘Blue Lips’ was exciting and energizing and I was very passionate about this song being part of the wider project. The syncopation of the lyrics in Charlotte Cardin’s song ‘Daddy’ inspired me to write a song with driving and hooky melodies and an infectious beat. My favourite part of the recording process for ‘Blue Lips’ though was the screamed pop punk background vocals in the bridge. They give that section a sense of urgency and desperation that echoes through the rest of the track and makes it special.

So with ‘Blue Lips’ being released today, how are you feeling about it being out in the world?
I am extremely excited for the world to hear this song and my new sound. This is a chance to introduce myself to an international audience. The journey from writing this song to release day has been a long process with lots of set backs related to COVID, but now with a label behind me I am ready to spread my wings.

Reflecting on your previous releases, it appears you’ve explored a range of pop sub-genres since your debut. How important has this been to you achieving the sound we will hear on your forthcoming EP?
From the time of taking my first song to an open mic until now, all of the genres and parts of myself I have explored through music have helped me gain the experience and insight needed to confidently bare my heart in this track and the ones to come. This comes across as a well crafted story from my years as a folk singer to the driving instrumentation from my experimentation with pop and rock music. Because of this, journey I can confidently step into this modern sound knowing it is where I am meant to be.

You’ve been nominated for and won numerous prestigious music awards. How has this shaped your career to date?
Nominations and awards have encouraged me to produce and perform music for audiences and keep going as they are proof people connect to my music. These awards have opened the doors to better performance opportunities and recording grants. They have allowed me to meet my manager Mandy, my producer Louise, and eventually Kate from Tonic Records. These supportive women are making my dream of becoming a successful artist come true.

If someone was watching a recording session of yours, what would they be most surprised by?
All of the tea I drink and all of the layers of clothes I wear to stay warm. I’m always cold.

‘With a label behind me I am ready to spread my wings.’

What are the blessings/curses of being a multi-instrumentalist as well as a vocalist when it comes to songwriting?
The blessing of being a multi-instrumentalist is that when writing I can find an instrument that matches the song. Also, the instrument can inspire the sonic pallet I create with my song. That said, normally when writing I start with lyrics because voice is my main instrument and my voice is where the stories come from.

Which artists are you listening to right now and what do you love about their music?
I am currently listening to: Fletcher, because I like her honest lyrics, Jordon Davis, because his songs are comforting – like being wrapped in warm blanket, Maisie Peters, because she makes me want to dance, Machine Gun Kelly, because even if I’m having a bad day, listening to his songs lets me know it could be worse and lastly Halestorm, for the aggressive female empowerment energy she brings to her music.

And finally, other than the release of your EP, what does 2023 have in store for you?
In 2023, I will be finishing my music therapy internship, graduating from my degree program and taking my music therapy accreditation exam. I will also be playing shows, showcases, and writing new music. I might even be getting a new Savannah kitten! I’ve also applied to showcases at The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, and Focus Wales in the UK. I’m still waiting to hear so fingers crossed! I’m really looking forward to coming to the UK as this will be my first performance outside North America and excited to play my songs for a British audience.

Thanks Rebecca Lappa for chatting with Listen to Discover
Photography Credit: Lorraine Mortensen of Mortensen Photography
Rebecca Lappa’s new single ‘Blue Lips’ is available in all the usual places now.


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