#FridayFinds: May 2021: Week 3

‘No theme, no set genre, just tracks that really hit the right notes.’ 

Every Friday, Listen to Discover’s #FridayFinds gets updated with new music and new artists that help build a unique playlist across each month. Early additions frequently seem random, and then over the weeks, everything comes together, creating a set of tracks that are as diverse as you could imagine. Additionally, from May onwards every artist that is featured will be offered an interview with one of the Listen to Discover team!

Discover what’s been added this week below, preview the tracks added so far this month above, and then head over to the Spotify Playlist to hear them in full.

May 2021 Week 3: 21/5/21 (Artist: Track)
Alexa Rose: Clearwater Park
B-ahwe: Bewitched
BK Pepper: Need to Know
Brother Valiant: Wander
DØSSI: how about now
Gabrielle Sey: White Noise
Holly Macve: Be My Friend (from album Not The Girl)
Ida Wenøe: Echoes
Kyan: People Over Empire
Mantaraybryn: Tantalus
Monolink: Harlem River
Niall McNamee: Step By Step
Oli Rockberger: Does It Erode
Shannon Lay: Rare to Wake
The Soft Eggs: Headless Panther
Varley: Push Pull

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