Track Review: Amelie Patterson: Everything, Nothing

‘Sonically spine-tingling, it beautifully mirrors the intensity of love.’

Intro to Amelie Patterson
If you google Calgary, the hometown of alt-folk artist Amelie Patterson, you’ll be greeted with the lush greens and blues of the impressive forest scenery which surrounds Calgary city. And, it’s these breathtaking landscapes which we imagine Amelie’s spine-tingling new song ‘Everything, Nothing’ to be inspired by. Exploring ideas of how the macrocosm impacts the micro, Amelie reflects on the all-encompassing power of love. She fills the song with gorgeously natural textures making it easy for the listener to be completely transported away. With her upcoming concept-driven studio project, The Playlist, on the way, we fully expect it to be brimming with more cerebral, beguiling tracks. 

Track Review
With a gentle, dreamy start, ‘Everything, Nothing’, is initially reminiscent of the still waters of a lake, but as Amelie gradually builds in waves of instrumental, the song turns into a roaring powerful ocean of sound. Immediately bringing forward thoughts of twinkling night skies through luxurious soundscapes seeped in romance, it’s hard not to feel compelled to wade deeper into the track. 

Thudding drums pull the listener into the rich textures as Amelie’s heavenly and crystalline vocals float in. A breathy element to her voice complements the reverb-tinted bass line creating a helplessly swaying beat. The lyrics are littered with references to the moon’s gravitational pull, a beautiful comparison to the intensity and capacity of love, which is mirrored in the instrumental. 

Full, organic layers of sound wax and wane like the tides, stripping back at times to reveal Amelie’s bare, tender vocals before the textures are once again built up to a bewitching crescendo. Equally, as the song progresses towards a triumphant and confident spoken-word-esque final verse, ‘heart feeling full / slow steady pull / guess I’ll just savour it’, Amelie instils a euphoric feeling in her audience. Vocally full of emotion, grit and substance, it’s both powerful and soft all at once. 

Neatly capturing the beauty of her reflections, Amelie says, ‘In challenging scenarios, love is often the only thing we have to give. When we give nothing but love, the results are everything.’

Inducing goosebumps up and down the arms of the listener, ‘Everything, Nothing’ is a divine tune. Likewise, in closing with more discordant electronic sounds, over which Amelie effortlessly pushes her voice to dizzying new heights above the echoing vibrations, these sensations are further intensified. Amelie’s talent is clear as crystal and looking into our own crystal ball, we see a path to stardom for the angelic Amelie.

Feature by Ella McLaren

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