Guest Writer Track Review: The Bishop Boys: Dark Days

‘Never feeling truly downtrodden, it gently delivers the message of hope we’re longing to hear.’

The Bishop Boys 
With their melodic vocals and punchy poeticism, Windsor, Canada based musical duo The Bishop Boys bring a fresh new take to the singer-songwriter genre. Who knew that a late-night jam session between two high school friends would bring about such a perfect musical pairing? Comprised of Austin Di Pietro & Andrew Adoranti, both are university trained players and it is highly likely that this has led to their wide-ranging musical abilities. Currently working on a full-length studio album – which is out later this year, ‘Dark Days’ gives a nice insight into what you might expect to hear from the rest of that forthcoming release. 

Track Review
As soon as I hit play on ‘Dark Days’ I was greeted with raw strums of guitar and easy listening melodic vocals. Immediately I was transported to a sunny day in California where I was the main character in a coming-of-age indie flick. Considering I was in the middle of some rather mundane tasks whilst listening, this was certainly the change of pace I needed. Then gently building up, additional instrumental elements begin to intensify the dream-like state, while repetitive melodies begin to occur. Keeping this approach throughout the song, it surprisingly never feels uninteresting. Instead, it is more like a lullaby hushing you into a calm state of heavenly bliss. 

While this atmosphere is apparent, it’s evident that the song was intended to reflect the events surrounding 2020 – which I think we can all agree with were ‘dark days’ indeed. However, I loved the way they demonstrated this through lyrics such as ‘Riots in the streets and now I can’t breathe’. This sharp play on words certainly gets their feelings across without shoving any message or agenda down anyone’s throat. Likewise, the lyricism, which continually focuses on harsher themes, never feels truly downtrodden and surrounded by gentle musicality, there is an uplifting nature to what you are experiencing.

Almost as if the duo are trying to say we will get through these ‘Dark Days’, it’s a track that delivers the message I am sure we all want to hear.

Guest Writer Track Review by Alice Peoples

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