Track Review: Amalie Bryde: Say What It Is

‘Sculpting a powerful and melancholic vignette, Bryde shimmers with soulful vulnerability.’

Intro to Amalie Bryde 
As transparency becomes a notion pushed to the forefront on social media, music fans across the world clamour for reality and authenticity. Easily residing in this realm is London based singer-songwriter Amalie Bryde with her soul-baring new song, ‘Say What It Is’.
Asking the question, what happens when you would do anything to get someone back?, this latest release sculpts a powerful and melancholic vignette, while tenderly soundtracking a desperate plea for reconciliation and forgiveness to a former lover. Displaying that she is a dab hand at penning thoughtful lyrics on thought-provoking topics, Bryde doesn’t mince her words and bares all, wearing her heart on her sleeve. Furthermore, the song follows on from impactful previous release ‘Lay Down’, and will feature on her upcoming EP which we expect will follow in the same stirring vein.

Track Review 
‘Say What It Is’ skillfully melds together emotion and talent with beauty and grace, leading listeners on a genteel yet moving personal journey into heartbreak. Ebbs and whirls of instrumental jazz flow around Bryde’s voice, firmly placing her at the centre of our attention. Her crooning voice shimmers with soulful vulnerability, fracturing into desperation as the song progresses into a cry for help. 

Just as Bryde loses herself in her emotions, powerfully revelling in her anguish, her listeners find themselves lost in her raw, moody musings. Swirling mixes of dreamlike soul and lush textures instantaneously envelope the listener in a rich soundscape bursting with Bryde’s misery. Her effortless vocals are poignant, giving the listener a glimpse into her inner turmoil without the tune becoming despairing or despondent. 

Initially penning the track in 2016, Bryde was inspired to finish it following a devastating heartbreak. Reflecting on her experience Bryde said ‘I so dangerously wanted him back that I started to lose connection to myself, until finally I realised that it was all in my head. I had to forgive and love myself first before the relationship had a chance to keep body and soul together.’ In ‘Say What It Is’ she perfectly encapsulates the uncertainty and torment experienced by so many after a tough breakup. 

Towards the end of the track, the lush instrumentals fade away stripping to the bare bones of Bryde’s vocals, mirroring the ending of the relationship. Concluding on the heartbreaking lyric, ‘say what it is you want from me’, we are left with not just more questions than answers, but also a keen sense of wanting more. Ultimately though, we feel fortunate that Amalie Bryde’s honest and impassioned debut EP is only around the corner. 

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