Track Review: Thrillhouse: Flawed Design

‘Unshackled by genre and directing us to accept our imperfections, it’s a hidden gem that’s sure to spice up your playlist.’ 

Intro to Thrillhouse
Brighton based Thrillhouse have just released their joyous new single ‘Flawed Design’, a track cushioned with addictive hooks, humour, and some pretty sound life advice too. Recorded entirely at home and mixed at The Silk Mill, Staffordshire, it is a blissful pick me up that carries the quirky individuality that Thrillhouse never fail to express. And it is that said individuality which has pricked ears and appraisal from the likes of John Kennedy (XFM), Louder Than War and now, Listen to Discover. Made up of Sam Strawberry, Jackie B (B standing for boy) Neilson and Alistair, Thrillhouse are breaking the mould, playing and performing by their own rules, and brightening up your day with some infectious originality.  

Track Review
Unshackled by genre, Thrillhouse, and ‘Flawed Design’ in particular are hidden gems you so desperately want to tell your mates about, but can’t quite bring yourself to share. Not out of embarrassment, but because of how rare it is to find music like this. You’ll maintain a desire to keep a sense of exclusivity around this musical niche, one that shines out and above the monotony of other releases. Nevertheless, people are going to find out sooner or later so why not be the one to tell them!

As well as adding a little bit of spice to your playlist, this new flavour of sound is bound to be a talking point. The previously mentioned references around genre, or lack of, remain throughout and generate a sound that feels like a cohesive, highly creative single entity. To pinpoint a specific genre, or even gesture towards one, seems almost insulting as Thrillhouse produce a new wave blend dashed with alternative indie, contemporary pop, and 80’s influences. An aim to resist simplicity and relish in the unique perhaps.

Snuffing out any two-dimensional lacklustre – both musically and metaphorically, ‘Flawed Design’ is no exception to those rules. It’s quintessential in bringing back your missing mojo and embracing the perfection of imperfection. 

Reflecting this approach, vocalist, Sam Strawberry says: ‘The lyrics convey a sense of personal struggle and the constant search for the perfect life, perfect job, perfect body etc. That, of course, doesn’t really exist, but perhaps we should be ok with that. It’s a little rich coming from me though as I’m still looking for all those things too!’ 

Realistically, many of us are too and it is possible that this track can, if only briefly, interrupt our mundane, tunnel-visioned and black and white perceptions of this crazy thing called life. Equally, in the band proving that breaking the ideological mould can result in something new, completely brilliant, and totally Thrillhouse, ‘Flawed Design’ could be the soundtrack to a more liberating future. 

Melodic, effortlessly memorable, and basking in infectious authenticity, ‘Flawed Design’ is a track to kick back with when you need a self-designated musical pick-me-up. 

Feature by Harriet Heywood

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