Track Review: Andreas Moe: Holding On

‘With foot-stomping energy and anthemic vocal melodies, you’ll never want it to end.’

Intro to Andreas Moe
For a five-time Platinum-certified songwriter, who has worked alongside artists such as Avicii and Tiesto, Andreas Moe has already amassed millions of fans worldwide. And, as an artist behind chart-topping EP’s, any new song from him is destined for success. However, his latest single ‘Holding On’ is about more than just being a knockout release. Acting as symbolism to the feeling of breaking free and letting go, there is a sense of hope embellished within the track. Equally, in being inundated with catchy hooks and earnest lyrics – as well as heart-pounding vocals – this arresting ballad certainly has a spot waiting for it in your playlists.

Track Review
Embedded on an accompaniment that could only be described as pure happiness, ‘Holding On’ opens with a texturally evolving combination of vibrant acoustic motifs. Picked initially, then blended with palm-muted strums, it’s a joyous atmosphere. Then Andreas enters. Carrying a voice that’s angelic, yet smoky, it’s hard not to get lost beneath his musk-edged tone as it delivers such charismatic lyricism. Projecting the title lyrics with grace, the connection is ever-faultless. However, with lines such as ‘Every god damn decision, every word I trust, I tell myself it’s real, but I know It never was’ embellishing the theme, his inexhaustible talent shines through too.

Bringing much instrumental interest, as these lyrics sweep and soar, gently foot-stomping percussion, and then electric guitar melodic fragments create a sound that’s so perfectly woven together. Followed swiftly by a build-up of Andreas’ virtuosic vocal inflections, every moment of growth transforms the sonic depth of the track and allows for the emergence of wondrous wispy harmonies. The kind of harmonies that cause the hairs on your arm to rise.

Pushing the sense of adrenaline to the max, as each chorus comes and goes a pulsation of musicality reveals itself. Truly exhilarating, on hearing it you can’t help but feel the urge to get up and dance. Delicate syncopation saturates the rhythmical content, generating a real sense that the pace may never stop spiralling. The intent almost knows no bounds, with the affect on you being that of hopefulness filling your heart.

In each chord that’s strummed and each beat that’s hit, more and more energy comes to the fore. An arsenal of ever-rising, joyously anthemic vocal melodies too. It honestly seems like the song will never end. And believe me, with it coming in at just under 3 minutes, you really won’t want it to! But then having said that, all that means is that you’ll find yourself putting it on again immediately!

So, turn your volume up, get on your feet, and sing your heart out, because ‘Holding On’ is a fast-paced work of art that needs to be in your life.

Full Feature by Emmie Norton 

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