Guest Writer Track Review: Monticolombi: In The Morning (ft. Lucy DeBono)

‘Suave raps and silky R’n’B vocals make it a blissed out, jazz-infused delight.’

Intro to Monticolombi 
Most of us can relate to having a bit of a lockdown project, maybe yours is now collecting dust, but one which is still going strong is that of Monticolombi, AKA Jamie Hicks. Starting his musical career in neo-soul hip-hop collective Stretch Soul Club, Monticolombi was propelled to go it alone after suffering a heart attack at just 22. Coming back stronger and more confident than ever with his new solo project, Monticolombi strives to spread messages of positivity in the setting of all round good vibes. Having released two chilled and groovy hip hop tracks, ‘Pavement’ and ‘I See The World’, late last year, he now returns with his latest tune ‘In The Morning’, which also features singer Lucy Debono. 

Track Review
Monticolombi’s suave and smooth talking rap blends seamlessly with Debono’s RnB-infused vocals in this sweetly blissed out tune. With undercurrents of groove, the track wonderfully  replicates the dawn; a sense of haziness, yet somehow simultaneously bright and fresh. It’s a sound that really does leave the listener bathing in the waves of warmth radiating from Monticolombi’s buttery voice. 

‘In The Morning’ is written about wanting one more day with someone, waking up in the morning and not wanting them to leave. Sweet stuff really. Instead of it being sickening though, Monticolombi’s track is blissed out, just like the warm glow you get when you’re with someone you’re into. Featuring little bubbles and whirls of sound, the song has a light airy feel about it, especially as Debono’s silky voice sings the chorus ‘In the morning if it feels right / maybe I can hold your hand’.

Contrastingly, Monticolombi’s lyrics are bursting with effortless rhymes like ‘We can go to Prague / See the stars / Move past this empty path’ and paced in a way that’s slick, and easy to bop or sway along to. Later though, the focus shifts to luscious textures. Breaking down into a jazz-infused instrumental, the change of pace adds a fullness to the song, and keeps the listener mesmerised by the licks of guitar riffs and cheery whistles. 

Monticolombi manifested that his music would bring good energy to hip hop, and with this smile-inducing track, I would say he’s achieved it.

Guest Writer Track Review by Ella McLaren

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