Track Review: Favourite Daughter: Long Distance

Elegiacally spellbinding and saturated with indie-rock undertones, it’s the perfect musical pick me up.’

Intro to Favourite Daughter
Proving that great things really do come to those who wait, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Favourite Daughter (Julia Kennific) delivers her much-awaited debut release ‘Long Distance’. Originally written in 2019 on an unplugged rented electric-guitar in Halifax, the track has come a long way since that day. Telling the story of frustration and denial, ‘Long Distance’ beautifully demonstrates the unique tone that Favourite Daughter possesses while also delving into the alternative rock spectrum. Having written the song based her own battles with past relationships, it won’t come as a surprise to hear the track is one that chord by chord and note by note provides fire-fuelled raw emotion. Equally, with an ever-apparent undercurrent of energy, it’s the perfect ballad for anyone who is wanting to let off some steam. And let’s face it, we all need to do that from time to time, don’t we?

Track Review
Standing perfectly side-by-side, the track opens with the gentle strum of an electric guitar providing the accompaniment to Favourite Daughter’s soaring vocals. Just hearing the first few notes compels you to listen on, as though you know what’s about to happen. And that’s when the drums kicks in. Creating a powerhouse of sound, it immediately draws your attention to the indie-rock undertones the song has to offer while encouraging you to get up and move. Then developing further, this already wonderfully rhythmical beat is joined by echoing hand claps which both add an extra percussive element, and turn the song into an anthem. An anthem that’s catchy. An anthem that’s loud. And an anthem that anyone can belt out. 

Elegiacally spellbinding, ‘Long Distance’ is jam-packed with unforgettable lyrics that seem to saturate your heart in places you never knew existed. Phrases such as “So it’ll feel like I’m dying till it doesn’t anymore” scream the essence of the song so perfectly – a tale of a dying long-distance relationship. Ultimately, the tale of running from the inevitable.

Taking centre stage, the continuous influx of guitar solos throughout the single amplifies the rock tone hidden beneath the lyrics. Enhancing the lyricism on every occurrence, there is real tension that can be felt through the strings as those earlier strums become increasingly dominant. Doing likewise, the melody grows louder and fiercer each second, pushing a sense of serotonin through your veins. And as it pushes, a supercharged, instrumentally led chorus wonderfully replicates that feeling of compressing something until it overflows. Driven and honestly reflective, it’s the perfect pick me up when you’re feeling down.

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