Track Review: Tilly Valentine: Calendar Girl

‘Graceful and dignified, it’s the finest of musical narratives.’

Intro to Tilly Valentine
First coming to the attention of Listen to Discover back in 2019 with her debut track ‘Coins’, Oxfordshire raised singer-songwriter Tilly Valentine kicks off 2021 with new release ‘Calendar Girl’. Making a name for herself since she was 16 years old, when she moved to London to study at BRIT School, Tilly has already amassed more than a million streams across the board and gained respect from key tastemakers. Therefore it won’t come as a surprise to learn this new release is already on the road to success. With her previous tracks achieving airplay on BBC Radio 1Xtra and the BBC Introducing Mixtape, and receiving praise from the likes of Jamz Supernova and Huw Stephens, it’s little wonder that Tilly foresees 2021 as being her best year yet. And, with ‘Calendar Girl’ being the finest of musical narratives for anyone in need of love, this could very well be the case.

Track Review
Saturated with mellow hooks, the opening of ‘Calendar Girl’ serves to provide you with a blissful soundscape of acoustic melody. It captivates from the minute you hear the first chord. Warmth emanates from the soothing tone of the piano. And causing you to swan dive into a waterfall of emotion, you get completely lost in the track. Equally, with Tilly’s vocals being so elegantly blended, it’s not long before they play away at your heart strings too.

Meaning each and every word she sings, early phrases such as ‘I can’t set myself up to fall, no-one’s the same as who came before’ make it hard not to feel what she’s feeling. There is real honesty, a real sense of reflection too, and carrying a voice so angelic, there is no doubting Tilly is the perfect narrator for this most touching of love ballads.

Bringing a sense of restrained drive, on arriving at the chorus, the appearance of melancholic drum beat pushes the song forwards. Doing so in an effortlessly controlled way, it blends so wonderfully with everything else. Subtle, yet as clear as day, you can feel the acoustic indie influences bursting through, and accompanied by evolving jazz undertones there is real beauty. Every nuance fits together so perfectly with the next. Right from the simple presses of piano keys, to the delicate vocal wisps, through to the softest of orchestral string motifs. Calendar Girl really does have it all.

It tells a story of wanting commitment in love, in a way that’s graceful and dignified. The natural delivery within Tilly’s vocals will have you singing along with ease. And you’ll feel soothed by the magically sophisticated musicality that’s surrounding them. Constantly tender, romantically empowering, and truly unique, what more could you wish for?

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