Guest Writer Track Review: HyBrazil: Today

‘The throbbing musicality and defiant lyricism provides a new mantra to live by.’

Intro to Hybrazil
Arriving at a time when areas of society seem overwhelmingly gloomy, HyBrazil’s latest release provides a new mantra to live by. Based in Galway, and consisting of front-woman vocalist Orla Coughlan, guitarist Willians Maxwell and drummer Luan Lopes, the trio could until last year be found regularly playing the gig circuit, and busking in their city. This though was of course in pre-COVID times. Remember those? However, proving in true rock ‘n’ roll style that ‘the show must go on, even if the audience is thin’, they can still be found – restrictions permitting – bringing their music to the streets of Galway. Sure it may different to their much loved live scene, but if new track ‘Today’ is anything to go by, HyBrazil won’t be beaten down for long.

Track Review
Opening initially with gently strumming guitars and Orla’s clean-cut vocals, ‘Today’ soon transforms into an intensity filled sound. Growling guitar riffs plunge in to provide a throbbing musicality. The lyricism turns defiant and empowering. And surging towards the chorus, Orla calls for listeners to go ‘in the opposite direction from the rest of the world’. Truly crammed with intent, and enhancing the sense of urgency brought by Orla belting out ‘it has to be Today’, it all works together brilliantly. Equally, with her breaking the musical fourth wall, and singing directly to the listener, there is effortless connection as we receive the most needed of pep talks.

Flying in the face of the status quo, the track shifts between the calm waters of stripped back guitars and steady drums, and a crashing combination of rock infused riffs and impactful drums. Underpinning the vocals occurring above, the result is one that balances real quality with a refreshingly bold message. Resonating lyrically with the dire circumstances many of us find ourselves in, it’s a track that could be filled with wallow, self-pity, and negativity. Instead of this though, HyBrazil call for us to remember that we’re ‘part of something bigger than thoughts’, and offer us a sense of community among the recurring resistance. Additionally, with the track fading to a close via an epic guitar solo by the immensely talented Willians, we are left with a sense of possibility. 

Simultaneously comforting and encouraging, ‘Today’ sets the tone of hope, action and power that we yearn for 2021 to bring.

Guest Writer Track Review by Ella McLaren

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