Guest Writer Track Review: Flor and the Sea: Kings and Queens

‘Delivering sonic beauty too great to put into words, you feel blessed to have experienced it.’

Intro to Flor and the Sea
Initially making a name for themselves in 2015 as a five piece, Flor and the Sea release their new EP ‘Kings and Queens’. Based in Munich, and now comprised of Marc Aretz (guitar/synth) and Chaem (vox), this indie electro-pop duo provide a sound that invites listeners to immerse themselves in a stream of musical beauty. Infused with influences ranging from Alt J to Radio Head, ‘Kings and Queens’ perfectly showcases a redesigned sound, while encouraging you to dream and dance to a fusion of compelling, and hypnotic melodies. However, while it may feature three previously released singles, as well as new track ‘Arcadia’, the title track is the one that highlights exactly why they are a band to look out for.

Track Review
Opening with a soundscape infused with gentle vocals, you really can’t help but feel instantly calmed by the initial moments of ‘Kings and Queens’. It takes you on a journey of tranquillity, fills you with twinkling sensations of peace, and ultimately guides you to a dreamy place. Equally, in delivering a mix of ambience and restrained drive, as tones seamlessly evolve into an ensemble of electro-scattered hooks, a sonic beauty almost too great to put into words reveals itself.

Building to the chorus, the inferred momentum in those earlier moments becomes a mollifying rhythm of vocals and guitar. Almost outgrown by the beating of kick drum, the combination brings the song together and before you know it, that atmosphere has turned into a cinematic masterpiece. Likewise, the blend of strummed guitar and euphoria-tinted synths omit dominating rays of ambient energy. Ambient energy that makes the listener feel blessed to experience it. For me though, the true standout moment is what happens next.

Breaking the song apart, on reaching the bridge anticipation and growing depth takes centre stage. Vocally bringing new interest, a different voice, one that emulates an archive recording appears. Working as a narration, and filled with meaning, you feel like you’ve been briefly transported to a completely different era. Then, as the layers rebuild, and chiming synths merge with soft vocals we are brought back down to earth in the most delicate of ways. Filled with beauty from beginning to end, ‘Kings and Queens’ lives up to expectation and reigns supreme on the EP named after it.

Full feature by Guest Writer Emmie Norton
Artwork by Andrew Miller


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