Behind the Music: Interview with High Fade

‘When people listen to our music, we want them to feel happy, smile, and ultimately get up and dance.’

With their latest red-hot release ‘Burnt Toast and Coffee’ popping up in the inbox recently, it was only right to find out more about the self-confessed Chili Pepper assassin trio that is High Fade.

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to chat. Please briefly introduce yourselves to those who don’t know you yet.
Hi! We are High Fade, consisting of Harry (guitar), Oli (bass), and Calvin (drums) and we are based in Edinburgh, Scotland – taking the world by storm!

Why the name High Fade?
None of us have a high fade, we all have long hair.

What 5 words best describe the music you create?
Fast, fresh, funky, fat, boogie

What would you cite as your biggest musical/non musical inspirations?
I think we inspire each other to keep improving ourselves individually, which in turn keeps the inspiration fresh within the band and means we are able to create the songs and music we would like to create.

Turning to your infectious new single ‘Burnt Toast & Coffee’, what can you tell us about the compositional process?
Harry was making some coffees while Oli and Calvin jammed and the initial bass groove was written, about 15 minutes after that we had the song written, and 5 minutes more the lyrics were done. We don’t know how it was created as such, it must’ve been on the tip of our tongue so to speak! Thank you everyone for the support so far on the release, as well as the support on the crowdfunded. You guys are amazing!

Have any of your other releases been inspired by unexpected, in real life moments?
We think each song comes from some kind of in real life situation, but this one is perhaps just the most vividly ‘real life’ due to the lyrics!

Your tracks to date are groove-centric rather than filled with complex lyrics. What were the decisions behind this approach and was it always the direction you were going to go?
We don’t feel like we need complex lyrics to get our point across, people are going to remember and sing the simpler lyrics with a groove underneath than complex lyrics. Now, the songs definitely have more lyrics and are more lyrically driven, however the content of the lyrics remains easier to digest so people can still relate and in a wide audience.

How would you like people to feel when experiencing your tracks?
Like they wanna get up and dance, to smile and feel happy, to know they have someone they can listen to to feel good. Watch out Chilli Peppers, we’re coming for you!

The artwork for your releases always seem to be in keeping with your sound. Who is behind the creation of this and how involved in this element were you guys?
We have an artist named Audrey – aka PinkPizzaNova! – and we will give a short brief to set the scene of the song and let her do her thing! You can, and should, check out her stuff here.

‘We are heavily rehearsed and prepared going into the studio. We’ll easily record 7 songs in one day.’

Turning to recording, who was involved in the wider aspects of what we hear and what led to you working with them?
We worked with Graeme Young, formerly of Chamber Studio, for all of the recordings. We have worked with him the from the start, as he is easy to work with, and inputs ideas that are in line with what we want to do. We respect his thoughts for our songs as a good, non-bias opinion to reflect our ideas and make sure we also actually like them and improve them.

And linked with this, if someone was watching a High Fade recording session what would they be most surprised by?
Our efficiency in the studio. We’ll easily record 7 songs in a day, as we are heavily rehearsed and prepared going in. Again stuff can change in the studio but this is possible because we are quick with the initial recordings to leave time for that. Working with Graeme allows us to be comfortable and adapt where it is needed.

What have been the benefits/curses since setting up your own label?
No curses or cons so far, we get to keep our music and the band gets to keep the royalties as well as releasing what we want when we want – allowing complete control of our own project.

How does your background in busking influence your performance style?
It keeps us tight at actual shows/gigs and definitely boosts our general morale. It also helps us think on our feet at shows and read the crowd.

What has been the most memorable moment of your tour so far and what can people expect from the dates still to come?
Sleeping on a 126 year old Dutch clipper boat before playing at Oerol festival in Terschelling. None of us had experienced such a thing and it was incredibly unique! We’re also looking forward to our US tour later this year.

And finally, what are the things that music has enabled you to do – individually or as a band – that you would have never thought possible?
Meeting the people we have met. Knowing and seeing people with smiles on their faces at shows and seeing how generally positive everyone is there is always beautiful and the best part of playing in the band.

Thanks High Fade for chatting with Listen to Discover
High Fade’s new single ‘Burnt Toast & Coffee’ is out everywhere now

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