Track Review: Mint Green: Body Language

‘The blend of sonic softness and raw energy grabs you from the get-go.’

When you think of the words Mint Green there may be a few things that come to mind, but I’m here to tell you that this Boston based band should definitely be one of them. Comprised of Ronnica (Vocals, Guitar), Daniel Huang (Drums), Tiffany Sammy (Bass), Brandon Shaw (Guitar), the pop-punk foursome certainly know how to pack the musical punch you would expect of the genre, but perfectly highlighting that they can deliver so much more they give us ‘Body Language’. Lyrically centred around those who manage to keep a level head in difficult situations, and instrumentally journeying through textures reflective of both who are able to do just that and those who aren’t, this first release via Pure Noise Records is surely only a glimmer of things to come.

Immediately delivering inferred momentum through picked guitar motifs, a sense of understated musicality makes its way into our ears. The entrance of vocals brings a sense of calm and almost healing in nature you relax into the sound. There is warmth, there is softness, there is precision and building texturally via distant bass drum, the overall atmosphere is one that doesn’t hit you at full force but instead one that shows an understanding of giving just enough but not too much. Then suddenly almost everything changes.

Sonically soaring into our eardrums, an alternation of syncopated accents and a wall of sound centred on dominating strums sees us leave the softer moments of the opening verse behind. And yet the vocals retain qualities that are much closer to it. Rather than pushing through and competing, a blend of solo vocals and harmonies occur when the surroundings are less dramatic and hints of rawness break through where things are more full throttle. As such, that aforementioned blend is perfect.

With a post chorus instrumental guiding us to the second verse, the chance for solo vocals to truly shine through is fully utilised. As on point as could be and sounding utterly effortless, the sense of connectivity you feel with the narrative lyricism of “Midnight some time has passed since we overreacted in this fight” and “I just cant imagine myself without you in this life” is just as strong as before. Likewise, in demonstrating their understanding of balanced musicality, the percussive backing becomes infused with energetic tom-tom fills and bell like cymbal strikes, while melody enhancing synth lines make the sound feel complete.

Pushing on through a chorus return, that sense of energy soon gets channelled into a tempo-teetering, groove generating instrumental that is an absolute delight to experience. Feeling like it could spin out of control at any moment, a shamelessly stylish bass guitar breaks through while the inclusion of open high-hat gives the auditory impression of hecticness. As much as you can imagine a crowd rocking out to those punky bursts, you can imagine the same crowd embracing these pop-centred contrasts just as much.

Briefly heading back to earlier influences, as we journey through the latter moments of the track the title lyrics play a key role in the developments that unfold. As if to bring together the sonic aspects to this point, each repeat delivers new depth and new sonic dimensions. Right from softer similarities with the opening to the full explosion of impassioned and emotionally raw vocals of “You are to me something i wish i could be” rising above their surroundings no musical stone remains unturned.

Perhaps surprisingly given the unexpected nature of these transitions, not once does it feel like anything is out of place. Sure this level of rawness may catch you slightly off guard the first time – particularly having experienced such control – but pushing it this far only showcases the quality of Mint Green’s musicianship. Something which, with a return of that musically infectious, tempo-teetering instrumental remains right to the end.

Listen to Mint Green’s new single Body Language via your preferred music platform now. 

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