Behind The Music: Interview with LonelyTwin

‘Before I start writing, I need to get a vibe down that makes me feel something.’

Utilising the frustrations of wanting something you can’t have, Swedish singer LonelyTwin’s latest electric pop tune “If I Know Myself’  is a blur of emotion and melody. With the track being added to ‘The Widening Horizons Playlist’ and an upcoming debut album, she chatted to LTD’s Ella McLaren to reveal the story behind the new single and delve into her creative practice. 

Hi LonelyTwin, could you introduce yourself to our readers?
Of course! I live in Stockholm and I write songs about my feelings and ex’s (when I’m not writing and producing for other artists) and I just got a dog named Disco! I think that’s generally my life, haha.

Is there a story behind the name ‘LonelyTwin’?
Not a big story, I just love the sound of it. I’m a Gemini so that’s where the twin comes from, but I’m not very into astrology. I just look into it to read the future and figure out what and who I like or don’t like. 

How does being Swedish impact your sound?
I’ve always been really into a lot of Swedish artists growing up so I think that has had a lot of impact. I’m pretty melody focused when I write music and that’s a very Swedish thing. And then being super depressed every winter because of the dark makes you write great music!

Who would you credit as your biggest influences? 
José Gonzales, Robyn, Belle And Sebastian, The Knife, Death Cab For Cutie are some of them.

Where do you usually draw inspiration from for your music?
I think mainly other music inspires me (without making it sound like I just rip everyone else off!). I listen to a lot of music and I love breaking it down in my head of why I love it and how it makes me feel. Or, how they’ve twisted the lyrics and so on. That and general sadness! 

‘I have a hard time letting go when I really feel something – that’s what ‘If I Know Myself’ is about.’

Can you tell us the story behind your latest release ‘If I Know Myself’?
I wrote the song when I was in LA. I had met a girl there that I really liked but since I live in Sweden and we had just met I knew it wasn’t gonna go anywhere. But I have a hard time letting go when I really feel something so I wrote ‘If I Know Myself’ about that.

What was the recording process like for the song?
I wrote it in the afternoon in the house I was staying in. I had hung out with the girl the night before and it all just kind of came out. I had a small set up and a guitar in the house so I put down most of what’s on the record that day.

Not only do you blur genres in your sound, but you’ve also got a wealth of experience working in the music industry from songwriting to production. How does this impact your music?
I think it has helped me be more free in my own artistry. I write and produce for others to help them find their vision and then when I get time to work on my own music it just feels so exciting that I get to decide it all on my own and just sit with my thoughts. Plus, I don’t feel the need to put all the things I wanna do musically into LonelyTwin which I think makes it more focused. 

What value does music add to your life?
OMG, huge value. It’s everything to me. I’ve had to work on having other hobbies outside music so I don’t put all my value in one little basket, haha. 

Your remix of MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ has now had more than 1.7 million streams, what does that feel like?
It feels so fun!! It’s hard to take in but I love when people tag me in their videos listening or dancing to the song cause that just makes it real for me.

What drew you to remix ‘Electric Feel’?
MGMT really has some amazing songs and ‘Electric Feel’ was a classic for me  growing up. The lyrics and melodies are so amazing that it’s gonna be great however you twist the sound of it. When I make covers that’s mainly what I look for. 

What are the differences between the process of creating remixes and your own original songs?
Not a huge difference for me cause I always make a big effort in getting the sound right first when I make a cover or write on my own. I need to get a vibe down that makes me feel something before I start writing. But after that it’s a big difference because with a cover I don’t have to write the song! Just try my best to make it my own.

And finally, what have you got up your sleeve for the future?
Right now I’m finishing my album! I’m so excited to put it out, I’m really happy with it. And hopefully some shows when I can come to the UK again!

Thanks LonelyTwin for chatting with Listen to Discover
Interview by Ella McLaren
Photography Credit: Märta Thisner


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