Guest Writer Track Review: Russell Louder: Lavender

‘Retro in places, yet entirely refreshing, it’s a theatrical listening experience best served loud.’

Featured Track Review
Stunningly ethereal and entirely original, Russell Louder’s single “Lavender” is a force to be reckoned with. An icon not only in the music industry but also in the LGBTQ+ community, Russell’s distinctive aura is best described as bold. Released via Lisbon Lux Records, “Lavender” is taken off Russell’s latest album ‘HUMOR’, which consists of 9 tracks, each of which will leave you wanting more. A hugely well-received single, ‘Lavender‘ has a jiving, indie arrangement and something for everyone buried within its bones.

On the album, Russell Louder says, “I think of the ‘HUMOR’ as a collection of characters – or these personified versions of feelings, fears, grief, identity, memory… things I often want to reject in my every day.  I wanted to make it so that the listener can be both a character and a witness throughout the album.  I think the role of a title is to be the door that opens and invites people into the work.  The reason I chose ‘Humor’ as the title for this album is because so often I use humor as a disarming method to talk about hard things. Humor also can have multiple meanings (in bad humor, in good humor, “humor me”, etc.), so that gives the listener some agency over what the album means to them.”

Iconically original, and a track that I’ve personally had on repeat ever since I was sent the release, the standout moment of the ‘Lavender’ has to be the memorable hook line. Russell’s vocals are entirely bewitching and grip hold of your attention from the get go. Feeling somewhere between St Vincent and Talking Heads, which is never a bad thing, the single fuses electronic elements with a cinematic soundscape. Retro in places yet entirely refreshing and hard to pin-point to one specific avenue, it’s a theatrical listening experience best served loud. Listen to Lavender, listen to the ‘HUMOR’, and be transported into the mind of Russell Louder – they’re incredible.

Guest Writer feature by Chloe Mogg.


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