Track Review: Junket: Red Handed

‘With killer riffs and gritty melodies, it’s an audacious opus of alternative rock’

Intro to Junket
Junket’s sonically guitar laden melodies are back after a long-awaited return of new music. Hailing from Orange County the alternative rock band comprised of Chris (vocals), Mike (guitar), Chad (drums) and Kyle (bass)  have resurrected their introspective sound with new release ‘Red Handed’. Spurred on by the lack of live music this year, the four-piece headed to Nada Recording Studios in November 2020, much to the delight of fans. However, having now drawn in a new audience too, the band won’t have a shortage of listeners when the releases planned for this spring and summer arrive.

Track Review 
For Junket, it is all about the live music, the long-lasting connection with fans, and the thriving energy of a crowd. But, with 2020 taking an unexpected toll on this area of the industry, those fans are due to some much-needed compensation. And this is where they come in. Releasing their first single in 10 years, ‘Red Handed’ has instantly become the rock-out knock-out anthem we needed to stick a middle finger up to Covid and finally embrace the static grumble of a live guitar. 

You can’t help but picture yourself at a gig with Red Handed’ playing. The drums and your eardrums battling it out over which will break first. The sticky floor, sweaty bodies and throb of adrenalin when those initial bass notes drift into the crowd. Likewise, the punk laden vocals beckon you to pick up that dusty air guitar and blow away the 10 years of Junket cobwebs – maybe tune it first too. It is brash, audacious and incredibly guitar-oriented. An opus of alternative rock fuelled by killer riffs and gritty melodies. 

Vibrant and energetic, ‘Red Handed’ is pleated with different textures, timbres, and an underlying dominance that powers through every verse, every chorus and the bridge too. Clearly Junket has stored 10 years of sonic power under their belts, and with this return release it’s clear they are finally ready to unleash their monolithic tidal wave of sound to old and new fans alike.

Feature by Harriet Heywood

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