Track Review: Liam Jones: Too Young To Love

‘Bittersweet to the max, and leaving you hooked, it’s a stunning debut.’

Intro to Liam Jones 
As we collectively edge closer and closer to the end of lockdown, and towards a summer which, hopefully, is set to be one for the history books,… one artist you’re going to want in your summer playlist is Liam Jones. Bringing both lovers of indie and pop together in one infectiously good tune, the singer songwriter’s new track ‘Too Young To Love’ is, surprisingly, his first release. Bittersweet to the max, this is a stunning debut; we are hooked and can’t wait to see what Liam releases next. Originally from Leeds, Liam made the move to Manchester to pursue his career in music, and since enrolling at BIMM Manchester, he’s cultivated his sound and begun to establish his fanbase. Prior to the pandemic though, Liam could be found touring the local music scene in Manchester, so here’s hoping that from June 21st he’ll be able to return to playing live and we can be right at the front. 

Track Review 
Branding himself on Instagram as ‘that guy who writes and sings sad songs’, Liam bursts onto the music scene with his pensive bop. Contrasting melancholic lyrics about all too familiar experiences of break ups with euphoric electronic instrumentals, he keeps the mood upbeat and summery. 

Liam’s voice is wonderfully deep and emotive, the richness goes so well with his insanely catchy and impactful lyrics. You’ll find yourself humming the melody of this one for days to come, and singing the infectious chorus, ‘too young to trust / to blind to see I’m not enough’. Expertly offsetting the heartbreaking honesty of his words, Liam’s soaring vocals and uplifting instrumentals make the listener just want to be dancing in a field, singing loudly, surrounded by friends. 

Blending genres and layering ambience, Liam introduces an anthemic indie guitar solo outro which just works. Truly, it’s brilliant. The shredding guitar combines with the pop infused instrumental to create a tune which is saturated with main character vibes. This is the song for our impending summer which, fingers crossed, will be rammed with social event after social event. Think music festivals, picnics in the sunshine, house parties and more. However, until we can collectively stumble home from a wild night out of dancing, stick on ‘Too Young To Love’. 

Feature by Ella McLaren