EP Review: Sid: Bridges

‘Escapist in sound and humane in approach, it’s a beautiful ode to feeling lost and moving on.’

Intro to SID
Following a duo of strong singles, London based singer-songwriter Sid has released his new EP ‘Bridges’. Originally from Mumbai, Sid has been writing songs since he was a young boy, and whilst taking influence from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Lauv, his latest singles are bound to leave impressions. Comprised of three beautifully composed tracks, each part of ‘Bridges’ forms the perfect reflection of Sid’s raw talent. Likewise, in him narrating his own personal experiences of moving to London, there is a beautiful sonic blend of honest and organic lyricism, mellow tones and hypnotic chords. An EP that everyone needs in their life, ‘Bridges’ most certainly deserves a place in your playlist.

EP Review
Built on echoing vocals and neo-drenched synths, title track ‘Bridges’ is the perfect introduction to this heart-warming debut EP. Perfectly equipped to tell the story of seeking new experiences in life, it lives to touch the heart of anyone blessed to hear it. The instrumentation carries a softness that’s embedded within the track, perfectly flaunting Sid’s feelings of letting go of the past. The narration of thoughts that sometimes can’t be expressed are expressed effortlessly. And the deep thud of the drum penetrates its way through the song, creating a rhythmic centre that’s raw, hypnotic, and captivating. Equally, with the lyricism drowning in metaphorical phrases, it’s clear that this opening directive ballad was truly written from the heart. Despite the emotion that surges through the track though, it’s hard not to feel relaxed and content as you listen to it. And for that reason, ‘Bridges’ is the perfect first chapter to the musical trilogy that Sid has so beautifully written.

Continuing Sid’s tale of endeavour and hope, track two is the perfect counterpart to the opener. As tantalizing as what we have just experienced, ‘Connection’ is full of sweeping piano, momentum-tinted strings, and electronic flourishes. It is the most wonderful contrast to the musicality held within ‘Bridges’, making it a strong track in its own right. However, in seamlessly working alongside it – with notable similarities in harmonic elements – a richness and ambience equal to the former comes through too. Together it is a perfect pairing of two songs that so blissfully complement each other. And highlighting the theme of the track, as well as the intent, the vocal elements become just as connective as the instrumental ones.

Saturated with emotive lyrics, phrases such as ‘Connections, I don’t even want to be the same. Emotions can’t help me find myself again’ paint the picture of Sid’s battles with moving to London. The battles between his head and heart no less. Each word entices you into his story. Each line adds an extra dimension to the one before it. And ultimately playing at your heartstrings, the connection between us and Sid himself is completely effortless. 

Delivering real textural depth in the EP to this point, as we head into ‘Fire’, we experience the perfect ending to Sid’s story. Taking a stripped-back approach, this closing track carries a sense of sparseness that is arguably his most acoustic release to date. And the standout moment for this EP too. Intimate and selectively echoing, the vocal content – which very much centres on the future, and those who may play a part in it – really touches you. Meanwhile, the initially simplistic chord accompaniment evolves into a tender and emotive blend of arpeggiated motifs and stirring orchestral strings.

Then suddenly you realise that a masterpiece is being born. The kind of masterpiece that would be the result of Ed Sheeran and Lauv merging into one. So believe me when I say, it is truly beautiful. And as it turns out, with Sid stating: “This song is undoubtedly and unashamedly, a love song, and I think it has some of the best verses I have ever written.” it would appear he very much feels the same.

Escapist in sound and humane in approach, ‘Bridges’ is a beautiful ode to feeling lost and moving on.

Full Feature by Emmie Norton

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