What is Listen to Discover?

As the name suggests, the aim of this site is to share musical discoveries that I have made through listening to my ever-changing and ever-expanding list of preferred music styles. In truth, I don’t have a preference. It can totally depend on my mood, the time of day, what I am doing and what I want to achieve. Equally saying that I like a particular style, doesn’t mean that I like every piece in that style or for that matter every artist. However, what this approach does do is allow me to have a very healthy and completely unrestricted view of music in all its forms.

Having started playing the clarinet at an early age, I had little idea of how music would structure the rest of my life. In school, it was something I thoroughly enjoyed and got excited about but it was only when I gained an A* in my GCSE and thought ‘maybe I am actually quite good at this?’ Even as my education progressed, I didn’t really know its true impact until I was at university. However, as the years have gone by, the decision for music to play such a crucial part in my life has led to so many amazing experiences that I can’t possibly even begin to list them. It is safe to say though that through being a multi-instrumentalist, conductor, musical director and music teacher, I have discovered more musicians and styles that I could have ever imagined and had some once in a life-time moments on more than one occasion. Quite honestly, without discovering music, I don’t know where I would be.

So, I now encourage you to discover the musicians I recommend and review on this site and even listen to the tracks I suggest. It is worth noting that while I have a wealth of music experience and knowledge, this does not expand to journalism (well not at this point anyway) so all reviews are written totally personally and solely based on what I think of the music I discover. So what are you waiting for, stop reading and get discovering.