Listen to Discover: The Second Verse

‘The second verse will see the artists put even more centre stage’

A year ago this month Listen to Discover set out on its musical journey. Launched with the sole aim of introducing you all to as many artists and as much new music as possible, it has been a fantastic 12 months. There have been many highlights but, ultimately, it has just been great to hear more music than I ever have before and share it with you.

In truth, looking back across the year it is surprising how things have added up. I’ve reviewed more than 150 tracks, showcased over 40 different artists and have got to know musicians from across the globe. So what is to come in the second verse?

Well, like the perfect piece of songwriting, the aim will stay very much the same. Reviews will continue to be in-depth, the artists covered will continue to be chosen selectively – based on those whose tracks I connect with in some way – and the interviews will continue to explore what goes on Behind the Music. However, again, like the perfect song, this second verse will also be a development of the first and see new features emerge.

For you, the listener and the reader:
To be launched at the end of the month, Listen to Discover’s Spotify Playlist will give you direct access to the music featured within each review. Placed at the start of each post, you will be able to listen before, during and after you have read my thoughts, making your experience even more musical. Additionally, a master playlist, which will be accessible from anywhere on the site, will allow you to hear more of the featured music than ever before.

Ensuring that you are kept up to date with what has gone on each month, a round-up post entitled Reviews and Interviews, will cover the artists and tracks featured throughout the previous few weeks. Even if you didn’t miss out on them the first time, it will be the perfect opportunity for you to remind yourself why you should discover them.

For you, the artist:
Putting the artists even more centre stage, the new ‘Submit Your Tracks’ area will allow you to get in touch directly and share your tracks for consideration. Equally, should you want to get in touch about being featured in ‘Behind the Music’, you can do so using the same area.

For you, the follower:
Working alongside the main site, two new features will be introduced to Listen to Discover’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. Entitled ‘Friday Finds,’ these weekly posts will showcase artists and tracks I’ve discovered during the week but haven’t featured on the main site. Each of these will also be added to the Listen to Discover Spotify Playlist for you to listen to and discover. In addition to this, Post Previews will give you an insight into forthcoming posts before they go live. Remember though that these two new features will only be for followers on Twitter and Facebook, so if you haven’t already started to follow, now is the perfect time to.

I hope you continue to enjoy listening and discovering. There’s a lot to hear.

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