Behind the Music: Artist Interviews

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to consider being part of ListentoDiscover’s new feature: Behind the Music. Below is a selection of questions for you to choose from.

Questions for Behind the Music:

  • Describe your music style in no more than 5 words
  • Age?
  • Where are you from?
  • Which instruments do you play?
  • Who else is involved in your music?
  • Where is your go-to place for writing new tracks?
  • Do you have any releases and/or performances coming up soon?
  • Do you prefer performing live or recording in a studio?
  • Why did you become involved in music?
  • When did you first become involved in music?
  • What has music enabled you to do?
  • What was the first concert/gig that you were involved in?
  • What is the most recent performance you did?
  • Who was the first musician/band you saw live?
  • Who are your inspirations?
  • What is the point of music?
  • Any other creative talents and if so do they influence your music in any way?
  • Any interesting facts about yourself you would like to share?

Once you have answered at least 5 (and that can be any 5,) you can either stop there, answer some more or give some information on other areas not covered by the questions.

When you’re done, please email your answers, along with the image you would like used in the feature, to:

Thanks for getting involved; I can’t wait to find out what goes on behind your music!