About Listen to Discover

‘It’s about more than just saying: ‘This artist is great, go and listen to them.

About Listen to Discover:
As the name suggests, ListentoDiscover is an online platform for the exploration of non-mainstream, unknown and emerging artists. Its aim is quite simple: Review undiscovered music, interview undiscovered artists and get more people, like you, discovering them. However, don’t expect to read snap-shot articles that essentially say: ‘This artist is great, go and listen to them.’

While there are many, many sites out there that do a fantastic job of creating content in that style, the aim of ListentoDiscover is very different. Here, you will instead find in-depth reviews which – through drawing on my in-depth musical knowledge – will inform you not only why you should listen to them, but also why I feel the tracks really work.

Some reviews will highlight one specific track (Single Track Reviews) and others will highlight an artist’s tracks prior to putting out an extended release (Artist Reviews). Alongside these, you will also find EP Reviews and Album Reviews which will cover the relevant releases in their entirety.

So I now invite you to set out on your own journey of musical discovery.