The Daily Discoveries Playlist: Additions 15th – 21st March 2023

‘New music that’s just as good for you as your 5-a-day, every day.’

Each day over on Spotify, Listen to Discover’s ‘The Daily Discoveries Playlist’ gets updated with at least one new release giving you something different to experience every day. Consider it your daily auditory based intake of feel good music, transportive tracks, and mesmerising new artists. Rounded up every 7 days, if you missed any additions you can catch up here, as well as discover how to connect with your favourite new finds.

Artist: Release: Socials
La Faute: Watercolours: TwitterInstagram
Erin K: Keep Her: Instagram
Electric Palace: Reflect: Twitter | Instagram
Alfie Neale: Trip: Twitter | Instagram
Jessie Reid & Easymess: A Little Closer: Twitter | Instagram
BEA: Sweet Adolescence: Instagram
Kate Lomas: Say It: Twitter | Instagram
Pish: Fast Car: Instagram
Tilly Valentine: Statue: Twitter | Instagram
Alberta Cross: Morning Drum: Twitter | Instagram
BEKA: Tears: Twitter | Instagram
Azure Ryder: Angel: Twitter | Instagram
Moyka: Rear View: Twitter | Instagram
Later.: Walking On the Line & Eye of the Storm: Instagram
Jenny Bakke: Cry: Instagram
Charlie Cunningham: Starlings: Instagram
Dance Lessons: Good Enough: Twitter | Instagram

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