The Daily Discoveries Playlist: Additions 1st – 7th February 2023

‘New music that’s just as good for you as your 5-a-day, every day.’

Each day over on Spotify, Listen to Discover’s ‘The Daily Discoveries Playlist’ gets updated with at least one new release giving you something different to experience every day. Consider it your daily auditory based intake of feel good music, transportive tracks, and mesmerising new artists. Rounded up every 7 days, if you missed any additions you can catch up here, as well as discover how to connect with your favourite new finds.

Artist: Release: Socials
Lonely In The Rain: Chemicals: Instagram
Quinnie: Flounder: Instagram
LT Leif: Taste of Elastic: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Jack Kane: We’d Be Good: Twitter | Instagram
Martin Luke Brown: Elsie: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Astral Weeks: Sound of Silence: Instagram
Parks N’ Rec: Peace of Mind: Facebook | Instagram
Dottie Andersson: Heavy Objects: Instagram
Deportees: Run for That Feeling: Facebook | Instagram
GLVES: Ships: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Sofie Winterson: Twitter | Facebook| Instagram
Joesef: Moment & Last Orders: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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