Introducing The Daily Discoveries Playlist

‘Sending new music into your ears every day.’

Back at the start of 2018 I introduced a weekly feature by the name of #FridayFinds. It started strongly and every week I introduced you to a plethora of new artists and new releases for you to get your ears round. Then, with many changes occurring in 2022 I switched this over to become #NewMusicMonday. I saw it as a more suitable way to achieve the same goal but avoid the mad rush of the oversaturated, worldwide phenomenon of New Music Friday. However, it soon became clear that still having a set day for sharing multiple tracks was a big downside. Of course, when Listen to Discover went on hiatus and things ground to a halt, this feature did too. Today though, that changes with the introduction of The Daily Discoveries Playlist.

Each day, at least one new track will be added to the playlist which can be found here, so that by the end of the month around 30 new artists will have been supported. Each week, a post on this site will round up the additions from the previous 7 days, and at the start of each month, selected additions from the previous month will form part of a brand new subscriber centred newsletter ‘Get Your Ears Round This’, which will also highlight soon to be released new music.


The Daily Discoveries Playlist has already gone live, and with tracks being added since the start of the year why not head there to discover what you should be getting your ears round right now.


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