#NewMusicMonday: August 2022: Week 5

‘Helping you kick-start your week with our favourite new music finds.’

Every week, Listen to Discover’s #NewMusicMonday (formerly #FridayFinds) playlist gets updated with new music and new artists that help build a unique playlist across each month. Early additions frequently seem random but over the weeks, everything comes together to create a collection of tracks that are as diverse as you could imagine. Discover this weeks additions below and then head over to Spotify to hear the playlist in full.

August 2022: Week 5 (Artist: Track)
Bleach Lab: Obviously
Ezra Collective: Life Goes On
Gently Tender: Sunlight In Motion & Pointless Noise
Grentperez: Ego
Hello Yes: Never Trusted Me
Hope Tala: Leave It On The Dancefloor
Jim McHugh: Can’t Feel Anymore
Josh Northwood: Paradise
Joulie Fox: Running
Little Quirks: All My Friends Are Birds
Moses Mikheyev: 
Black Sky, White Moon
Patrick Saint James: Surrender
PIE: Pandora’s Box
The Dawdler: Skipping Down the Road & 90s
Zoey Leven: I Feel Like A Loser


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