#NewMusicMonday: July 2022: Week 4

‘Helping you kick-start your week with our favourite new music finds.’

Every week, Listen to Discover’s #NewMusicMonday (formerly #FridayFinds) playlist gets updated with new music and new artists that help build a unique playlist across each month. Early additions frequently seem random but over the weeks, everything comes together to create a collection of tracks that are as diverse as you could imagine. Discover this weeks additions below and then head over to Spotify to hear the playlist in full.

July 2022: Week 4 (Artist: Track)
Afternoon Bike Ride: Summertime
Ashton York: Awful Time
Bonnie Kemplay: 19
Casii Stephan: Trust Fall
Comforts: Mixed Signals
Galaso: Around the Sun
Harry Stone: Easy
Holne: November Sky
Jackson Mico Milas: White Noise
Mehalah Ray: Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Friends
Nuela Charles: Top of the World
Peach Fuzz: Shaking the Can
Plastic Mermaids: Girl Boy Girl
Poolsideconvo: Half Life
Sam Himself: Never Let Me Go
Sharky: Night On My Mind
Shivum Sharma: Satisfy
STRABE: Heartbeats
Tia Gordon: Summer Days
Wyldest: Tin Foil Girl
Xades: Shaded

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