Behind the Music: Interview with Klara Zangerl

‘Producing is fun because you get to create your own little universes.’

With Swedish artist Klara Zangerl having already transcended our planet in her new EP ‘Mars 2022’ – a seven track collection influenced by soul, pop, and outer space –  LTD writer Ella McLaren caught up with her to get the scoop on all things cosmic and uncertain.

Hey Klara, introduce yourself to our readers!
I’m a 19-year-old artist living in Stockholm, working on my music in many different ways. I’ve been singing since I was small and I started writing and producing as well around five years ago. I mix a lot of genres, so I would say that my music is very fluid. I’m also very excited to share Mars 2022 with everyone!

So how do feel your skills as a producer support your creation of music?
It’s been great working with others and getting people to understand my ideas and the feelings I want to convey. Producing is also the most fun part of making music because you get to create your own pictures, scenes, and little universes. It keeps me motivated and encourages me to continually improve. Producing your own music is like baking a cake, and then also choosing the decorations to go on top.

Where do you source your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from a combination of many things. I take a lot of inspiration from movies, people, as well as thinking about the future and why we are here. I get very excited and inspired when finding a new artist, producer, or song that I like. It makes me feel this optimism, and that’s when I usually sit down with my computer to create something of my own.  

How would you describe your sound?
Dreamy, purple, and strong, but fragile sometimes.  

How does being Swedish play into your musicality?
I don’t think it has anything to do with my musicality, but it’s an open climate for young artists and musicians in Sweden for sure. I took a lot of inspiration from a Swedish artist named Freddie Wadling while writing the song ‘Mars 2022’.  

‘Studying black holes, cosmic explosions, and intelligent life in the universe has influenced the concept of this EP.’

Can you tell us more about the title track?
‘Mars 2022’ is a song exploring the idea that none of the things happening right now will matter in two years. If the sun is still shining and the moon is still smiling, everything will be fine. It’s  about looking at experiences from an outer perspective. It is a slow-burning song taken from the perspective of being in space and looking down on earth. 

Outer space plays a key theme in your EP ‘Mars 2022’, why is that?
I’m so mesmerized by it, and it’s something that brings me joy to think about. If I didn’t pursue music, I would want to work with something that had to do with astronomy or physics. I studied two courses last semester about black holes, cosmic explosions, and intelligent life in the universe, which definitely has influenced the concept of this EP, haha.  

What was the recording process like for the EP?
I produced most of the songs two years ago for a school project and then recorded them in a big studio in Stockholm with my band, Scoobz. I later worked along with the producer Oskar Nyman, and together we recreated the tracks from the live recordings. ‘Kosmic Kosmetics’ and ‘Shara’ came into this EP later on, and I think they helped shape the EP’s universe in the way I wanted.  

With it being all about the unknown, how do you cope with uncertainty?
I think it’s good to feel uncertainty from time to time, because that’s what life kind of is. I also want to believe that many questions won’t be so uncertain two years from now.  

‘Mars 2022’ features two new songs, how do you decide which songs to release as singles in the build up to the EP coming out?
I knew from the beginning that I wanted ‘Mars 2022’ to be the first single, but it was harder to decide what songs should be released next. So I just went with the ones that felt most right at that time.  

What do you want people to feel when they listen to the two versions of ‘Dirt in the Corner’?
I want people to feel what they want to feel when listening to the two different versions. I feel more uplifted and direct with the traditional version and more sassy and mysterious when listening to the acoustic one.  

Out of all of the songs on ‘Mars 2022’ which are you most excited to perform live?
I’m most excited to perform my songs ‘Dirt In The Corner’ and ‘Kosmic Kosmetics’ as of right now.  

What is something about you that is surprising?
You can pinch me extremely hard on my arm, and I won’t feel anything! 

And finally, what does the future hold for you?
It’s a bit uncertain, which I think is exciting. I’m moving to Berlin this September to study electronic music production and performance. I also have plans to release more music and hopefully be able to play my songs live soon. I can’t wait.

Thanks Klara Zangerl for chatting with Listen to Discover
Interview by Ella McLaren


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