Music Video Feature: Ebony Buckle: Wonder

‘Just as unique as the track itself, you’ll go on an interdimensional visual journey like no other.’

Perfectly proving that even the most left-field and unique of approaches to new music can have the most appropriate music videos, the visual that accompanies ground-breaking new artist Ebony Buckle’s latest single ‘Wonder’ takes us into a brand new dimension. It’s enticing and hypnotic, just like the track itself, but with such immersive and breathtaking visuals you embark on an even greater journey. A journey that sees us join the world’s loneliest whale as it leaves the ocean behind and travels through time and space. It has to be said that with the sense of musicality Ebony possesses, it was never going to be an ordinary music video. But what you could never have expected, is just how every aspect comes together to completely and utterly transport you.

Opening with imagery of 52 making its way through galaxies, you are instantly struck by the sense of event around these visuals. Swimming towards the title, it’s like the start of a film, and achieved to such a high level you find yourself questioning what is real and what isn’t. Then, with 52’s iris functioning like an intergalactic doorway we arrive in a cockpit of adventure. A cockpit that feels half matrix, half tardis, yet 100% Ebony Buckle. Sure you may have had ideas around how this track may be set, but you won’t have imagined anything like what you are seeing. Perhaps unsurprisingly though, it was quite the opposite for Ebony herself.

‘The music video is exactly how I imagined it. Sky Zhou filmed me being an interdimensional traveller in front of a green screen, and we then sent the footage to Luke Taylor who did the animation and created the video. Luke’s a genius. After we sent him the footage, he animated me inside a whale in space, and spent several months editing and working on it before sending it over to me. I had such a brilliant team around me and was so excited to work with him. He’s working on the rest of the videos for the album too.’ Of course, it is one thing to come up with a concept, but it is a whole other thing to realise it. And realise it to such a level.

Every moment that you’re watching you are greeted with visuals that are so much greater than striking. One set of frames you’re gently floating through the atmosphere, a few frames later you’re met with a sea of asteroids, and a few later you’re observing sunbursts and planetary bodies. It’s beautiful and awe-inspiring at equally phenomenal levels.

Achieved to likewise effect, and enabling us to switch from observer to co-pilot, we also continually return to the whale cockpit. Here, with Ebony becoming more expressive each time, the theme of 52 being an intergalactic traveller is increasingly taken to a whole new dimension. 

‘When I was writing the poem, which eventually turned into the track, I thought about the whale being lost somewhere. And then I imagined that the reason it couldn’t connect to anyone was because it was from a different dimension. I loved the idea of being a traveller who is a whale exploring space.’

‘Support from my patrons means that I am able to create tracks and visuals like ‘Wonder’.’

It goes without saying, but every word of this projects exactly why Ebony’s creativity stands out among so many other new music releases. And to be fair, so many music videos too. You really do get a sense that every aspect is just as important as another, but, as Ebony expands on this further, it becomes clearly evident just how much this approach means to her.

‘While I think the importance of having music videos depends on the release itself, and whether it’s possible, I really wanted to have visuals to match the music that we have created. The album [Disco Lasers] is going to be an audio-visual experience and I think visuals help people go with you on whatever journey you are trying to take them on.’ 

For those of you who are among the people who have viewed the visuals already, (near-2000 at the time of writing), you will know that Ebony and the team she has formed have achieved that to an incredible extent. In fact, while there are two releases around ‘Wonder’ – the track itself and the video – I actually believe there are three ways to experience it. The third being watching the visual without the track.

Very rarely, if ever, would it make any sense to do this. However, somehow the visuals for ‘Wonder’ – particularly where we are the observer rather than co-pilot are so special that it is actually possible to have a genuinely emotive connection to them. That said, I wouldn’t do the latter without having listened to the release as understanding the context remains important. And as it turns out, we aren’t the only ones to find a level of connection on the first, second, and every viewing.

‘When I watched the final cut for the first time I was so blown away that I was in tears. It was so wonderful – like someone had brought the thing that was in my head to life! Even now I get drawn in watching it. It’s almost meditative.’ 

So, if you are after 5 minutes of out-of-this-world solace, turn your lights off and press play on the visuals for Ebony Buckle’s Wonder. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


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