Guest Writer Track Review: Nina Cobham: Do You Come Here Often?

‘Bilingual lyricism and an undercurrent of alt-pop makes you want to stick it on repeat.’

Intro to Nina Cobham
While different artists will approach songwriting in equally different ways, I’m sure the one thing they would agree on is that there is always a journey. Rarely will the final output be identical to the original, and rarely will everything be scrapped. However, taking this to another level, Nina Cobham showcases how ideas from very different times can become a whole. Started in June 2019, new release ‘do you come here often?’ sees layers of musicality from then, seamlessly combine together with new lyrics recorded more recently. If wasn’t for her freely admitting that “The original first verse/chorus vocals are still used in the song, and half of the vocals were recorded in lockdown in my bedroom you really wouldn’t know. But then that is exactly how great songwriting should be: not defined by time, but by quality.

Track Review 
If one thing is for certain about Nina Cobham’s latest single it’s that you will instantly be left sticking it on repeat. A track that took a while to create, the finished piece has turned into a sublime dream-pop number with a down-tempo vibe at its core. Following on from ‘Sola’, ‘do you come here often?’ finds itself coated in a strong alt-pop arrangement while nudging towards soft R&B. Lyrically though, there is a truly refreshing and enticing approach that sees the ever-recurring topic of personal connections, presented in a most welcome way.

Focusing on platonic relationships instead of a romantic point of view, the single tells the story of deciding to move on from toxic friendships. It’s captivating and truly showcasing Nina’s evident talents, the track dives through English and Spanish language with ease. Equally, even with it coming in at just over 2 and a half minutes long, it touches on insecurities, yet feels highly reassuring in the world’s current light. A song to stick on to turn away the blues of the news, Nina Cobham, with her layers of talent, has produced a track to hold close to your chest.

Intro by Listen to Discover
Track Review by Chloe Mogg

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