Track Review: The Lonely Surf: Losing It

‘Ridiculously catchy, you’ll want to dive into the melting pot of indie-punk and new wave influences.’ 

Intro to The Lonely Surf
The Lonely Surf, formerly known as Death By Shotgun, are a four-piece alternative rock band who bring a recurring wave of new-age surf-punk musicality. Leading the way ahead of their upcoming EP ‘Shifting’, latest single ‘Losing It’ provides an incredible first offering of what we can expect from that extended release, and signals the start of a new chapter. Recorded before lockdown at Southampton’s The Ranch Production House with Daly George – a place where bands such as Creeper and The Winter Passing have captured their sound – ‘Losing It’ is an energetic statement that says our name has changed, and our sound has got even better.

Track Review
As the days get darker and inevitably colder, ‘The Lonely Surf’ prove they aren’t fazed by winter blues. Riding their new-wave, surf-punk sound right to our speakers, ‘Losing It’ can be summed up in two words: ridiculously catchy. Flickering between moments reminiscent of The Wombats and Blink-182, it’s a melting pot of indie-punk and new wave influences that you constantly want to dive into. Ticking every box, the mix of dreamy guitars, overlaid vocal harmonies and a truly insane backbeat ensures your foot cannot resist the pull of what you are hearing.

Despite the melancholy inspiration for the track, the playful energy within is intensified by this very thing, resulting in a giddy bubble of sound that’s just waiting to pop. Losing itself somewhere between happy and sad, and doing exactly what it says on the tin, you find yourself in a strange place. One that you can’t quite locate, but know you love all the same. And given lead singer Dom Wright’s description of the story behind the track, you can appreciate why this is the case: “The main inspiration for this track was just being in a weird headspace and various life experiences formed the basis for the lyrics. It’s about being unhappy, relying on other things to try and make yourself feel good and descending into a sort of chaos which is always fun at the time, but so exhausting in the long run.”

Slick, dreamy, punchy and cinematic in all the best ways, ‘Losing It’ brims with character and classic indie alt-rock energy that make it a must-listen track.

Feature by Harriet Heywood

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