Guest Writer Track Review: Josh Stevens: Hello Darling

A fire-fuelled anthem to the ear. A plea for help from the inside.’

Intro to Josh Stevens
Making a name for himself since 1999, multi-platinum singer/songwriter/producer Josh Stevens releases his new indie-pop single ‘Hello Darling’. For a Los Angeles-based producer who has worked alongside artists such as Calvin Harris and LMFAO, any new song of his was bound to be a triumph. However ‘Hello Darling’ is about more than just being a knockout track. Acting as a symbolisation of Josh’s feelings as a father, and reflecting his fear over his daughter being brought up in a world filled with sexism, there is an important message held within. Sharing his hopes in a way that’s just as bright as the future he wishes for society – one in which we can all be equals – ‘Hello Darling’ speaks for millions of women and fathers around the world. Equally, with tantalizing melodies and earnest lyrics, its anthemic sound
makes you dance until you can no longer feel your toes and pulls the heartstrings of anyone blessed to hear it. 

Track Review
Capturing the relationship Josh and his daughter have, ‘Hello Darling’ serves to provide not only a supercharged sound, but a blissful concord of heartfelt words and emotion. Instantly you’re hypnotised by melodic guitar riffs that somehow create a momentum tinted yet tender atmosphere. Likewise, though Josh’s vocals soothe and provide comfort, his lyrics scream a sense of fear and desperateness in making the world a better place. And that is what makes the song unique. A fire-fuelled anthem to the ear. A plea for help from the inside. 

Moving through the song, the once mollifying symphony of lyricism and guitar becomes tranquillized by the beat of the kick drum to create a powerhouse sound. Vocally captivating, the chorus sees Josh explore the juggernaut that is his range. You can hear the power he inflicts in his words. The meaning within them too. Equally, the percussive beating heart of their surroundings brings drive and even greater purpose to them. Taking this further, in true indie-pop style Josh adopts reverbed vocals to fashion a chorus of voices. A chorus of voices that provides ear-pleasing harmonies, creates the illusion of even greater depth and causes you to join in.

A truly breath-taking moment in ‘Hello Darling’ though is the guitar solo performed by Ryo Nakamura and Kazuto Suematsu. Rhythmically unflawed, it creates a whole arsenal of powerful musical electricity. You can almost feel serotine pulsating through your veins as the strings vibrate! And when each note travels through you, you’ll want to stand up, scream along, and shout the message that’s trying to be heard. Painting the picture of a future we all desire, ‘Hello Darling’ speaks to all cultures, all genders and all ages, and ultimately leaves you feeling free, empowered and encouraged to change the world.

Guest Writer feature by Emmie Norton

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