Track Review: Modern Guilt: Get Along

‘A foot tapper? No! A headbanging, guitar smashing, mojo bringing explosion of rock? Most definitely!’

Re-intro to Modern Guilt
Following their debut release ‘Hoping for The Hoping’, rock and roll Londoners, Modern Guilt are back and ready to blow your speakers up with their new single ‘Get Along’. The group made up of Jaz (vocals/guitar), Andreas Podda (lead guitar), Scott Thomson (drums), Glyn Evans (keys/organs) and Dan Williams (bass) are undoubtedly something to watch out for, especially with them being tipped as one of the ‘best new bands’ by This Feeling and Amazon Music. Influenced by 60s and 70s Garage Rock, Soul, and Indie their latest single doesn’t disappoint. And, with an accompanying video created French illustrator, Mathieu Colard set to be released in January 2021, their appeal is already going beyond the UK, and the music world.

Track Review
Modern Guilt are back with their tell-tale ‘foot-stomping swagger’ and a whole back catalogue of riffs ready to blow your mind.  After the amazing response to their debut single ‘Hoping For The Hoping’, it was questionable how they could top it. Worry no longer though as it’s safe to say they have certainly done exactly that. Think, Ocean Colour Scene’s ‘The River Boat Song’ meets the legendary riffs of Gun’s n’ Roses meets Steppenwolf’s ‘Born to be Wild’. Yes, really!

Paired with the band’s ever-obvious ear for a catchy hook, in combining this with untameable rock and roll attitude, ‘Get Along’ transports us all to an arena while we can’t yet be there. Filled with rolling keys, killer drums and of course screaming guitar solos that really set the stage alight, Modern Guilt are re-igniting and modernising their era and genre influences in a strong flame of colour. So strong in fact that even Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie can get behind it.

Best summed up as a guitar anthem for the ages that’s easily mistaken as a retro classic, the elements of a smash hit come together in one big crowd surfing, juggernaut of sound. Forget foot-tapping, this one is a headbanging, guitar smashing, mojo bringing explosion of rock that is welcomed to join our playlists any time. Now unchained and ready to run wild across the airwaves, I won’t be held responsible for the air guitar and rock along actions you will most certainly be making.

Feature by Harriet Heywood

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