Guest Writer Track Review: Four Crooks: Feel Alright

‘Delivering musicality that’s empowering and encouraging, it puts them on the road to greatness.’

Intro to Four Crooks 
For a band new to the scene, the debut EP from indie rock four
-piece ‘Four Crooks’ certainly puts them on the road to greatness. Titled ‘Black Magic’, the trio of tracks which it features sees Dave Morris (vocals/guitar), Eamonn Russell (guitar), Toby Barnett (bass), and Dan Quinton-Jones (drums) truly explore their musical talents. Written and recorded in a farmhouse during lockdown, the release captures their raw and original sound, while showcasing influences such as early Arctic Monkeys and Black Keys at the same time. For any indie-music lover, all three tracks are ones to play, and play loud. But if you want a pick me up when you’re feeling down, and a song to get you moving, ‘Feel Alright’ really is a must-have in your playlist.

Track Review
Providing escapism in i
ts sound, ‘Feel Alright’ begins with hypnotic guitar riffs and introduces fire-fuelled beats that empower and lift the melody. Instantly you feel ‘Four Crooks’ have definitely set out to impress the old indie faithful. Riding on a dominance of bass, there is an undertone of rhythmic grunge that perfectly creates up-beat energy and carries the momentum of the track. Equally, in turning away from the modern mainstream indie scene, it’s a feel-good track that introduces a fresh new atmosphere that’s bound to get feet tapping. 

With a combination of unflawed, reverb-affected vocals from Dave and tranquillising guitars, the song takes you back to classic 90s grunge. It indulges us with hints of classic Oasis and early 2000s Courteeners. And it creates a sense of freedom. A sense of freedom so euphoric that while the music pulsates underneath, the lyricism flies off the tip of your tongue as you sing along. Lyrically and instrumentally of top quality, there is little doubt that it’s an anthem for anyone struggling in life. But, in transitioning between the two and delivering musicality that’s empowering and encouraging, every note really does make you ‘Feel Alright’.

Guest Writer Feature by Emmie Norton

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