Track Review: Novatines: Honey

‘A distinctive juggernaut of musicality that’s straight to the point old school brilliance.’

Intro to Novatines
Making a name for themselves in the UK since winter 2017, Bath based alternative rock band Novatines – consisting of Jamie Beale (Vocals & Guitar), Tom Cory (Vocals, Guitar & Synth), Callum Moloney (Vocals & Drums) and Tom Turner (Bass) – strengthen their musical position with latest release ‘Honey’. Touring and headlining throughout Europe and playing alongside the likes of ‘Alabama 3, Arcane Roots, Von Hertzen Brothers and Sweet’, 
they have certainly been making a lot of noise in all the right places. Equally, with key industry tastemakers such as Louder Than War tipping them as ‘one of the Hottest New UK Guitar Bands’ and ‘Honey’ gaining BBC airplay, Novatines are most definitely a band to remember.

Track Review
Reworking the classic grunge of 70’s and 90’s rock into a modern-day headbanger, Honey is straight to the point old school brilliance. It resurrects classic British rock and American alternative, capturing its slamming sound and releasing it into 2020. T
aking inspiration from their influences, it’s certainly one for the Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Foo-Fighter fans, but in pumping those classic sounds full of adrenaline and angst, Novatines deliver their own distinctive juggernaut of musicality.

Explaining about the track, lyricist Jamie Beale states, “It’s about seeing through fads, trends and short-lived ‘next big things’ with no real substance. We live in such a throwaway culture where we are told what we should like or dislike 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ‘Honey’ is about taking yourself off the conveyor belt and seeing things as they are.”  

Searing through the speakers and setting everything in its path ablaze, it is a fire-fuelled mix of alternative rock, that carries an arsenal of powerful electricity, screaming guitars and heavily grunged up vocals. With such domination pushing through every supercharged, rockstar-impassioned lyric and note, it’s clear they won’t be stopping anytime soon! 

Feature by Harriet Heywood

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